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Information regarding the Natural Swimming Pools in Austin

Long before Austin was known as Waterloo and the first settlers arrived on the banks of the Colorado River, native residents and visitors passing through had two unique natural swimming pools to cool off in. These natural swimming pools are still the perfect place to cool off on hot summer days in Austin. If you are looking for someplace new and fun to beat the heat in Austin this summer, be sure to visit these natural swimming pools.

Barton Springs Pool. Barton Springs Pool is located just south of downtown Austin on the grounds of Zilker Park, and is maintained by the city. The pool spans three acres and is famous locally for its waters maintaining a steady 68 degree temperature throughout the year. The constant temperature of Barton Springs Pool is due to the natural springs that feeds the pool. On hot summer days in Austin, the chill of the water is an eye-opener, but is definitely a great way to cool off. Barton Springs Pool attracts a diverse mix of people, and offers a relaxed and uniquely Austin ambiance. One end of the swimming pool offers shallow entry while the far end on the other side provides you with water that is far over your head and features a diving board. Lifeguards are on duty at various points around the swimming pool to keep swimmers safe. There are steep, grassy banks lining both sides of the swimming pool that are often covered with sunbathers. There are also restrooms and paved sidewalks lining the swimming pool. Visitors to Barton Springs Pool are required to pay a small entrance fee to enter the swimming pool area.

Hamilton Pool. Hamilton Pool is located thirty miles southwest of Austin, off of Highway 71. This gorgeous natural swimming pool has been preserved by the county since 1900. With a short, quarter mile hike from the parking lot, swimmers are rewarded with one of the most beautiful hidden oases in the Austin area. The large swimming pool boasts turquoise waters that are falling naturally down a 45 foot waterfall into a sunken grotto. Along half of the pool, tall cliffs provide various smaller waterfalls that swimmers can swim under and hike around. Another section of the swimming pool offers a rocky beach that is popular for sunbathing and picnicking. The waters trickle down Hamilton Creek near the beach area and continue on for just under a mile until they meet the Pedernales River. Hamilton Pool is located inside the Hamilton Preserve, and is dedicated to maintaining the natural gem for generations to come. The pool staff provide strict rules such as no pets, no alcohol, and no glass containers. It is advised that you visit Hamilton Pool earlier in the day, as parking is limited to 75 cars. Also, the park occasionally shuts down due to hazardous trail or water conditions, so plan to call ahead before your visit to this natural swimming pool. Along with the natural swimming, there will be providing of swimjourney adult lessons in the classes. it will increase the interest of the adults in swimming.

Have a great time swimming in these popular natural swimming pools in Austin this summer!

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