Effects Of Passive Smoking

Every year, there are approximately 44,000 Americans that die from smoking. To make matters worse, there are other people that suffer from secondhand smoke. There are many bad effects of secondhand smoking. Secondhand smoking, also known as passive smoking, is almost as dangerous as smoking the cigarette yourself. To be exposed to secondhand smoking is […]


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What Are Some Places to Go On A Vacation in February?

Have some vacation time in February, but not sure how to use it? There are plenty of great destinations to choose from when planning a vacation in February. Whether you want to lounge on a tropical beach or snuggle with your sweetheart at a winter festival, there’s a February vacation destination just waiting to dazzle […]


“Accidental” Negative Campaign Leaks Against Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s religion continues to get slapped around by rival campaigns, and it really is no surprise. Politics, in general, seems to bring out the worst in people, doing whatever they think is necessary to propel their candidate ahead of others. Problem is, Mitt really is a good guy with great values and a sincere […]

Iron ore: Yes, the juice is bitter

The competition is fierce among the top iron ore miners to drive down costs. In recent days BHP Billiton has touted its plan to usurp all – Rio Tinto in particular – as the lowest cost miner of iron ore, which is the main ingredient in steel making. The miner is hosting analysts in Australia […]

Marampa and Ebola Sierra Leone economy twin hit 1

Marampa and Ebola: Sierra Leone economy twin hit

The economy of the ebola-hit West African state, Sierra Leone faces a major additional hurdle should London Mining’s Marampa iron ore mine shut down. With Marampa’s debt-ridden operating company, London Mining, in administration, and with apparently little hope of survival as a corporate entity all eyes are now on whether the iron ore mine itself […]