Stay Refreshed Even While Camping

There are a number of reasons why investing in a portable hammock stand is a great idea. Hammocks are known to be comfortable and very efficient. While there are various kinds of hammocks available in the market, the ones that come with a portable stand are always the best ones to invest in. You can find a number of best 2 person hammock available in the market; however always ensure you pick one that comes with a stand which can be folded. These foldable stands are a lot easier to transport and take on trips.

One such advantage is the ability of the hammock to make your mind sharper and concentrate better. With a hammock you will sleep immediately. However when you do not sleep your mind tends to wander and think about a million things. This makes the mind feel tired when it wakes up in the morning. Since the hammock puts the body to sleep almost immediately the mind takes a rest as well. There are no thoughts that run through it and you will end up feeling fresh when you wake up in the morning. Switching from a mattress to a hammock is definitely one of the best things to do for your health.

People who have slept on hammocks confirm that they are comfortable and very efficient to sleep on. The rocking motion that a hammock has helps to relax your body and put you to sleep. Since they are not firm, you will never suffer from any back or neck problems while resting on them. Hammocks are very easy to set up and the ones that are portable are also convenient to pack while on a trip. You can also set them up in your garden when you plan on relaxing over the weekend.

By switching to a hammock you can smartly put your body to sleep and get rid of your sleeping problem from the first night itself. Since the hammock has a slow rocking action it relaxes your body and makes you feel like a baby. Within minutes your body will move to a completely relaxed state and you will be fast asleep. This is a better remedy than anything else available out there. Switching from a mattress to a hammock today will do you more good than harm.

Hammocks are very comfortable and they make amazing beds when you’re away from home. Sleeping in a hammock is very easy and even people who have sleep disorders manage to fall asleep in these hammocks in no time. The rocking motion helps to relax your body.

When you switch from a mattress to a hammock it takes a couple of minutes to get used to it. However once you are used to it there will be no reason to switch back to a mattress. Once of the biggest benefits of a hammock is the way it treats your back and your neck. There is no person who has not woken up from a mattress without back pain.

Ensure That You Create Some Masterpieces

The world stands for reinvention and it harbours sharp and constant contrast. Among the skyscraper and the smoky temples, it also harbours the art of weaving. So what does Weaving stand for? Is it among the first ever group in the world for weaving enthusiasts. Is it one of the fastest growing crafts in the world that can be practiced by all irrespective of age and gender? Weaving is the feel of those perfectly handcrafted sweaters for you loved ones. It is the inspiration to design. There’s a lot that Weaving has to offer and if you’re keen on learning the art then you’ll find a number of ways for you to master the art flawlessly.  All you need to do is visit the online website to create white and gray tapestry products.

Weaving was begun amid the renaissance by the French and Italian nuns. They utilized this craftsmanship to enrich curtains. Weaving employs cloth and thread that are brought together to create designs. It is utilized to brighten homes, windows, make clothes and more in view of the craftsman’s creative energy. Over the eras it has spread over the globe as a reasonable and easy approach to make craftsmanship utilizing cloth. This form of art slowly spread across various parts of the word. This is how Weaving started and came into existence.

The world has been attempting to elevate workmanship to make it amazing. As a consequence of this endeavour weaving has brought that in some way or another into the world. People impart their talent through sites made to welcome individuals to learn this craftsmanship. It is one of the quickest developing artworks in the world and can be learnt by all independent of age and sex. Weaving is highly appreciated and accepted by a number of people who are eager to learn new techniques and use them in their weaving designs.

The methodology of weaving is very basic. A cloth strip is the most important part of a weaving design. This design is either curled using a finger or the needle tool. These formed curls are considered as the base to structure that enables you to create various flowers, leaves, and different decorative examples. These designs can be combined to create various new shapes and designs. You can learn more about this by checking out the tutorial.

Weaving is a simple art that has been around for a long time. Thanks to the advancement in technology and the fact that this art has been around for a long time there are several books for you to read and learn from it. You can learn weaving by looking up various websites, books and tutorials. Weaving is a good hobby for children and grown-ups. It is an easy art that you can take up without having to put in too much effort or time. There are a number of online training sessions that the internet has to offer which makes it easy to learn and master the art.

Weaving has advanced in recent times and it is now a lot easier to create weaving designs and patterns using the various tutorials that are available online. There are a number of ideas that can help you come up with some of the most impressive Weaving designs.

Weaving around the world is quite famous and there are a number of people who are looking to give this art a try. There’s no limit to the kind of art you can create using the basic designs that weaving has to offer which is why it’s essential for you to take up the art one step at a time with a view to help you learn the basics and then master the more complex designs.

One of the things that you need to check when you are purchasing a tapestry weaving machine is the broadness of the base. It is very essential for you to choose a weaving machine that has a broad base because a weaving machine with a small base becomes difficult to handle and the tapestry becomes very difficult to turn around. Tapestry are usually heavy and the larger the base the easier it is for you to spin the tapestry without having to carry the weight of the tapestry throughout the stitching process.

These Supplements Are The Best

In the event that you have been attempting to get in shape for some time, at that point you will understand that the mid dinner longings are a major adversary. With crazy bulk coupon these yearnings are taken away for eternity. There will no additional hankering to eat whatever else separated from your consistent suppers if your dinners comprise of Crazy bulk. As per crazy bulk review the fat substance in the body is additionally diminished. Your body will begin feeling lighter and fitter in only half a month.

The proteins in Crazy bulk additionally help the bones in the body get more grounded. Individuals as a rule expend a different enhancement to fortify the bones in the body. With Crazy bulk there is no requirement for the additional enhancement. You simply need to eat your suppers on time and the Crazy bulk deals with the rest. With Crazy bulk you don’t have to stress over taking protein supplements for reinforcing muscles also. Crazy bulk increment the mass of the muscles and increment their quality too. Crazy bulk enable take to mind of the whole body and there is no requirement for any extra eating regimen plan. Change to Crazy bulk today itself to exploit every one of its advantages.

This implies there will be no longings for nourishment at odd hours. With Crazy bulk you can eat only a few finish dinners and you won’t need to eat anything for the duration of the day. Crazy bulk don’t permit the development of fat in the body also. The fat that is shaped by eating garbage does not get framed by eating Crazy bulk. Crazy bulk additionally helps increment the muscles in the body. It helps construct muscles and helps increment the quality also. With Crazy bulk the mass goes in the correct territories and the muscles begin growing capably.

Why Twitter is my favorite educational app

I have a favorite educational app. There, I said it. It’s not what you think. In fact, this app is more like a fun way to pass the time rather than a tool for active learning. It’s called Twitter and I think it’s the most powerful way to connect with students that have ever been invented. While it may not be the best app for connecting in person, it’s a fabulous way to connect with students from around the world.

Twitter breaks that shackles of your current student life by letting you chat with anyone of any age at any location. All from your phone. Want to talk to someone about sports? Clothing? Studying? Online learning? Just punch in some relevant hashtags in the ‘Discover’ area of Twitter and you’re off to the races.

So how do you go about being a good Twitter user? Use these helpful tips to get started:

So if you’re looking for some high-quality Twitter tips, let’s check them out.

  • The first step is to maintain visibility as often as possible. You probably want to tweet often and tweet in the afternoon. That seems to be the best time to get seen (around 3-7pm).
  • Be sure to rally up support. You want to tweet that people and have conversations with followers. It pays to have twitter fans. In other words, you want to be able to chat with people on a regular basis so make sure you have a steady growth of followers.
  • Next to be sure to show your fans some Twitter love. What does that mean? That means that you should follow those who retweet you. You should also be sure to communicate with them on a regular basis.
  • Share some unique content. Make sure you are tweeting interesting and newsworthy links whenever it’s possible.
  • Then be sure to tweet what you see where you see it and when you see it. Twitter is a great new source so don’t be afraid to share, you know, the news.
  • Finally, be sure to be as concise as possible with your tweets. Leave room for retreats and comments!

“Accidental” Negative Campaign Leaks Against Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s religion continues to get slapped around by rival campaigns, and it really is no surprise. Politics, in general, seems to bring out the worst in people, doing whatever they think is necessary to propel their candidate ahead of others. Problem is, Mitt really is a good guy with great values and a sincere desire to improve our country with his leadership. You may not agree with all his standpoints on issues, but it is hard to question his character.
Do I think he will win? I really don’t know. But taking cheap shots at him has more than a few candidates nervous about the possible backlash. The problem is, other than pointing out differences on platform issues, there is not much to bring him down; so, the underhanded personal attacks begin.

What has me started on this? This article in the Boston Globe actually takes a fairly non-partisan view summarizing some of what has happened of late. I am really not all that riled up about it, but it bothers me of course. It’s more like a casual, continual annoyance at the character of so many in politics and religious positions of leadership.
Mitt’s a Mormon (technically a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and is not only doing anything to hide that fact, but he is also proud of it. Does that influence his position on things? Absolutely, though it does not dictate it. His religious beliefs are simply representative of his tendencies toward family values and spiritual freedoms. Beyond that, he has made it clear by his voting history and statements that he acts based on the good of the country, not on personal biases. Isn’t that exactly what most of us want in a president?

I am not going to banner wave any one candidate or try to sway anyone on their vote, I just can’t stand when people are afraid of losing in a fair battle, so they instead resort to essentially cheating. Campaign leaks and comments made by lower staffers are really not all that accidental. There is a strategy for almost everything done in the press. Once a statement is made like “Mormons aren’t Christian, in fact, they really are a cult,” no amount of “disavowing and apologies later make up for it. The damage is done…just as intended.

I’ll state it plain and simple here: Mormon’s are Christian. Though there may be differences in religious tenets in your particular view of God, Christ and other facets of Christianity, there is no basis to warp your definition of Christianity to exclude someone’s personal, heartfelt convictions. It’s as simple as that.

There are a number of sites targeting ad placement on any article related to Mitt Romney. Some are favorable to Mormons, some are staunchly anti-Mormon, trying to warp and degrade the message about Mormons in any way they can. It’s amazing the lengths some people will go to bring down other people rather than build up those that want to be. All that said, I was happy to see one of these sites with an impressively neutral position on whether Mormons are Christian. This site, of another Christian faith, simply says

“As it’s asked, this question doesn’t make sense. It implies that it’s what you do that makes you a Christian. So if being a Christian isn’t something you do, what is a Christian? Simply, a Christian is one in whom Christ dwells by his Spirit. It’s a relationship between you and Christ. You put your faith and trust in Jesus, asking him to forgive and save you, and he does everything! Can members of the Kiwanis Club be Christians? Sure. Are they all Christians? Surely not. Are Mormon’s Christians? Surely some are, some are not.”

I couldn’t ask for more from another faith. Isn’t tolerance and understanding what all should offer and expect?
All definitions aside, whether Mormon’s are Christian or not has no place in discussions of who is the best choice for President. If you wish to evaluate at Romney’s activity in a religious organization as part of your character assessment of him, great; but to make degrading references of his beliefs as part of a strategic effort to knock him down is just plain wrong, unethical, and frankly immoral. Particularly those who do it in the name of their version of Christianity should be ashamed; they mock the very principles Jesus taught that they claim to believe.

Of course, we have a long time ahead of us in the next presidential bid, so this is nowhere near the end of what we will see in the negative campaigning. On the surface, the major candidates will avoid it because they know the public on the whole and especially the media abhors bigotry far more than whether a particular religious sect is “better” than the other. I just hope the back room techniques will be held at bay.

Procrastinating Christmas Lights

I am happy to report that this year I beat the procrastination curve…er, meaning I didn’t procrastinate. That’s right, I put up my Christmas lights the weekend prior to Thanksgiving this year. Take note, we don’t turn them on until tonight when our entire street does this “lighting parade” thing where we all turn them on as we walk down the street to the chorus of oohs and ahhs. Why is this important you ask? If you are asking, you are likely from California or some other warm state; those from states that snow knows what I am talking about. I beat the snow!

Yep, the putting up of the lights. I’m not a scrooge mind you. I enjoy having them there during the season, just dread the time it takes to do the actual putting up. It is one of those things that takes several hours for not all that much to show for it in the end. And, if you really want to go gangbusters with the display, you better set aside an entire weekend and a few extra weeknights threw in there for good measure.

Procrastinating Christmas Lights

I have several angles to my roofline, and the tallest peak is 28 feet up there, so mine is no small task. Now, imagine climbing up that high with snow and ice on the shingles – not gonna happen. I have done it in the past, like an idiot, and come very close numerous times to take a fast way down. Who knows how many times my ladder was on the brink of sliding out on its own way to leave me dangling on high. It is a real problem, in fact, there are articles every year about the injuries and deaths that occur with zealous people (typically men) try to hang the lights in the worst of conditions.

Procrastinating Christmas Lights

I am a procrastinator, I admit it and I try to stop doing it continually. This year I succeeded on at least this one thing. So, as it snows outside today for the first big storm of the year I sit at my computer and happily report that my lights are up and I welcome the weather. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Iron ore: Yes, the juice is bitter

The competition is fierce among the top iron ore miners to drive down costs. In recent days BHP Billiton has touted its plan to usurp all – Rio Tinto in particular – as the lowest cost miner of iron ore, which is the main ingredient in steel making.

The miner is hosting analysts in Australia to hear its production plans which are, like its main rival, to produce more iron ore more cheaply in a market already in oversupply. Indeed, Jimmy Wilson, President of BHP’s iron ore unit, has likened it to squeezing as much juice from a lemon as possible.

The efforts are admirable but defensive. Four titans of iron ore – BHP, Rio Tinto, Vale and Fortescue – account for about half of the market’s supply and among these BHP and Rio Tinto produce iron ore cheapest. Rio Tinto comes first with very basic operating costs somewhere just under $21/tonne iron ore. BHP Billiton is next with operating costs at about $27/tonne. Vale and Fortescue come thereafter.

Now BHP wants to beat Rio Tinto on operating costs. Wilson said BHP aimed to be the “lowest all in cash cost supplier of iron ore to China” in a Monday presentation to analysts and has a $20/tonne figure in mind. Next year the company aims to come under $25/tonne.

It’s all quite notable. But it’s the price of iron ore that makes this lemon wringing exercise exceedingly bitter. The savings come in a market where prices have plummeted month after month.

The price for 62%-iron-ore fines for example is now well under $100/tonnes after having spent the past half decade far above that mark (see chart below) – at times near $200/tonne. BHP, along with other miners reducing costs, is really just making the best of bad (or more fairly worse-than-it-was) situation.
Analysts have received the operating cost reductions favourably. JP Morgan analysts – on the BHP tour – called the diversified’s latest plan “impressive”.

But the hard work on costs isn’t translating into stock price bullishness. JP Morgan maintains a neutral stance on BHP shares.

Others rate it higher, though. Cowen and Company gives BHP stock a $67/share target, which at presstime traded just under $58 on the NYSE. That mark, however, was a recent reduction from $74/share.

Reflecting partly the fact that BHP is playing a bit of catch up on costs against front-runner Rio Tinto, analysts hold slightly more positive views of the latter miner. Cowen has called Rio Tinto it’s top pick among diversifieds.

Likewise, JP Morgan prefers Rio Tinto, seeing BHP shares as pricier in terms of free cash flow. Or as JP Morgan put it in a recent note: “we forecast RIO has a more attractive mark to market FCF yield; we forecast BHP’s FCF yield at 4.8%/4.9% in CY 2015/16E, whilst RIO trades on 5.5%/5.8% in CY 2015/16E.

There just isn’t enough sweetness in BHP’s cost-cutting plans to get a better rating. It is being aggressive, yes. But not so much as the fall of iron ore prices.

Marampa and Ebola: Sierra Leone economy twin hit

The economy of the ebola-hit West African state, Sierra Leone faces a major additional hurdle should London Mining’s Marampa iron ore mine shut down. With Marampa’s debt-ridden operating company, London Mining, in administration, and with apparently little hope of survival as a corporate entity all eyes are now on whether the iron ore mine itself can survive.
Marampa and Ebola Sierra Leone economy twin hit 1As an indicator of the importance of this mine to the national economy, Sierra Leone’s Finance Minister, Kaifala Marrah, flew into the UK this weekend in an attempt to salvage the mining operation from the London Mining wreckage. According to the UK’s Sunday Times the mine itself employs 2,400 workers directly, but an additional tens of thousands depend on it financially. It is one of the country’s bigger export earners with an output which was due to rise to 6.5 million tonne/year this year. Marampa has a mineral resource of over 1 billion tonnes of iron ore including a Probable Reserve of 539 million tonnes grading 31.1% Fe, sufficient for over 40 years of mine life.

Pre-ebola, Sierra Leone was one of the poorest countries in Africa and in the World, but had been showing relatively strong growth since the end of a devastating civil war which ended in 2002. While subsistence agriculture is the primary employer, mining is important to the economy, with diamonds the principal earner and iron ore beginning to be an important sector. While Marampa is a relatively small operation by world standards it is significant in Sierra Leone’s case, although is dwarfed by African Minerals’s Tonkolili iron ore mine which is building up to mine 35 million tonne/year iron ore and has a resource of over 12 billion tonnes. According to the World Bank, the country has a GDP of only around $5 billion and vast unemployment but the economy had been growing recently at double digit levels.

Talks in the UK with London Mining, its administrators and potential investors, is revolving around the future of Marampa rather than of London Mining itself which is seen as doomed. According to the Sunday Times there are two parties potentially interested in taking on the mine. The first is JSW Steel, a subsidiary of India’s Jindal Steel group but there are worries here that it might close down the operation while it invests in new infrastructure on site.

Marampa and Ebola Sierra Leone economy twin hit 1

Entrepreneur Frank Timis, who is Executive Chairman of African Minerals, is also reported to be interested in taking over the mine and has proposed investing in a 4km rail spur to link Marampa to African Minerals’ rail link to the coast which would improve Marampa’s economics in the face of the big recent fall in the iron ore price.

But all this is happening at the worst possible time, with the ebola threat limiting investor interest in the country as a whole and adversely impacting logistics, and the low iron ore price having a severely adverse effect on iron ore mine profit potential. Finance Minister Marrah is also reported as considering nationalising Marampa should other talks fail and there is still hope that the mine, which is still operating, can be kept as a going concern, although the economics of so doing are fragile.

What Are Some Places to Go On A Vacation in February?

Have some vacation time in February, but not sure how to use it? There are plenty of great destinations to choose from when planning a vacation in February. Whether you want to lounge on a tropical beach or snuggle with your sweetheart at a winter festival, there’s a February vacation destination just waiting to dazzle you.HAWAII 2


With sunny skies and temperatures of around 80 degrees, Hawaii is a destination for travelers looking for a guaranteed warm vacation spot. Visitors can explore Hawaii’s six distinctive tourist islands and participate in activities such as swimming, surfing, fishing, hiking, golfing, and horseback riding, or visit Hawaii’s many beautiful plantations and gardens. Because February is in Hawaii’s “low” season, you can expect the beaches to be a bit less crowded and the accommodations to be at least $10 less expensive per night than during the “high” season.

Quebec City, Canada

If you don’t mind the cold, Quebec City holds its annual Winter Carnival during the first two weeks of February. Events include a giant soccer game, snow baths, winter slides, parades, sleigh rides, snow sculptures, an ice palace and skating. Travelers interested in visiting Quebec City during the Winter Carnival should make reservations well in advance as accommodations for the festival book quickly.

l v 1

Las Vegas

Being a desert city has its advantages in that, even in February, Las Vegas is warm and hospitable to visitors. With temperatures averaging above 60 degrees Fahrenheit and hotel casinos expertly temperature-controlled, you might even forget it’s winter. Explore the Strip’s many sights, take in a classic Vegas show, explore old downtown Vegas or try your luck at the casinos. Since you’ll be visiting Vegas in its relatively short “off” season, you’re likely to find a great deal on accommodations at one of the many hotels on the Strip. For example, the Mirage hotel occasionally offers suites at a 20 percent discount through February. The Monte Carlo is another hotel that offers varying discounts throughout February.


Jamaica is one of the most popular winter vacation destinations, and with reliably tropical temperatures year-round it’s easy to see why. Jamaica is just a short plane ride from many major U.S. cities. Visitors to Jamaica can spend their time lounging on the beach, participating in water sports, exploring limestone cave labyrinths or hiking up to gushing waterfalls. Travelers interested in a Jamaican vacation who are looking for a bargain should investigate the many all-inclusive resorts found on the island.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando, another popular winter vacation destination, boasts temperatures up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit in February. Home to the Walt Disney World resort, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando amusement parks, Orlando offers excitement for every member of your family. Rub elbows with your favorite Disney characters, ride the latest thrill rides at Universal Studios or see the popular Shamu Rocks show at SeaWorld Orlando. For visitors on a budget, Orlando has a number of museums and art galleries that offer free admission.

How to Silence Homebrew Trail Cameras

If you enjoy nature photography, chances are that you’ve either made or are thinking of making a homemade trail camera. This type of camera is placed in a homemade housing with a power supply and a motion-sensor trigger. However, if not enough thought is given to keeping the trail camera silenced, it could potentially scare away wildlife.

How to Silence Homebrew Trail Cameras

Things You’ll Need:

  • Trail camera assembly Utility knife Closed cell foam Trail camera housing Tape measure Magic marker Foam block Band saw
  • Trail camera assembly
  • Utility knife
  • Closed cell foam
  • Trail camera housing
  • Tape measure
  • Magic marker
  • Foam block
  • Band saw

How to Silence Homebrew Trail CamerasStep 1

Lay the camera assembly out on the foam block exactly as it will sit in the housing. Trace around the housing assembly with a magic marker.

Step 2

Band saw the foam block to create places for the camera assembly to fit. Round the corners of the foam block so that it will fit into the camera housing.

How to Silence Homebrew Trail Cameras

Step 3

Place the camera assembly into the foam block and insert both parts into the camera housing.

Step 4

Trace the camera shape into closed cell acoustical foam. Cut the camera shape out of the foam.

Step 5

Using the camera as a guide, cut openings for the camera lens and flash. Coat housing side of the foam with glue. Place the closed cell between the camera and the housing with the glue side against the housing.

As Paid Opportunities Prosper, Communications Pros Must Look Beyond The Placement

The line between “earned” media and “paid” media continues to blur in the world of news, and it has become even more crucial for PR pros to establish relationships with media contacts that uphold the tradition of evaluating content for news’ sake.
As Paid Opportunities Prosper, Communications Pros Must Look Beyond The Placement As any PR pro who has attempted to make media calls in a foreign country knows all too well, there exists a culture of pay-to-play. “You want some editorial coverage in my publication? Sure. Our ad deadlines are at the end of the month. What will you be purchasing…” It’s on the surface and it’s expected. In the U.S., there has always been a fine line between editorial coverage and advertising but most media outlets here have upheld the integrity of PR as a “price-less” mechanism for sharing the news society needs and values. However, as times have changed and advertising revenues have dipped, there has been more pressure on everyone to sell.

As Paid Opportunities Prosper, Communications Pros Must Look Beyond The Placement

As more outlets have shifted towards pay-to-play placements, it has become even more crucial for PR pros to establish relationships with media contacts that uphold the tradition of evaluating content for news’ sake. In addition to fostering true collaborative connections, communications professionals must mine and evaluate opportunities to make sure that clients’ products/services match up with an audience that values legitimate content and appreciates credible news sources. On countless occasions I’ve received a call from an excited client who says they were contacted by an organization with the promise of a 30 minute TV special which will air on cable TV networks. What they are not told is that they will be responsible for all of the production costs, well into the tens of thousands, and the show will air as a paid advertisement in the very early morning hours, not as credible news.

As Paid Opportunities Prosper, Communications Pros Must Look Beyond The Placement

Savvy consumers understand the difference between paid placements and news content, and they will judge a brand on its news authenticity just as much as they will judge on hyped marketing claims. More and more the importance of not just getting a media placement, but getting the right hit, rises. As newspapers fold and media continues down its path towards localized online content and an ever-changing social atmosphere, it’s up to PR professionals to make the most out each and every media hit. The right media placement can exist online forever, so making that placement work for you is more important now than ever.


CANADA Being a large country with few people, sitting close to the Polar Circle, Canada stirs a lot of curiosity and a handful of myths. Besides the Niagara Falls, Canada is famous for its excessively polite population, the delicious maple syrup and its obsession with hockey. Most people think of cold winters when they say Canada. It’s true the region has low temperatures during the winter, going lower than -10ᴼC, but they also have lovely summers.

You’d be surprised to learn Canada’s national sports don’t include just hockey, but also lacrosse (it’s up to you to decide whether this is a good thing or not). A Canadian invented basketball, which is a popular sport for them. Another stereotype says the locals think everything’s better with maple syrup and bacon. It’s hard to fight this prejudice knowing Canada produces 4 fifths of the global amount of maple syrup. However, the food they like the most is apparently mac and cheese — they are the world champions on this one.


Canadians have an incredibly harmonious balance between selfish attitudes and community guidelines. They appreciate solidarity, thus the everlasting politeness that made his people known. They drop the formalities very fast and want to make sure the persons around them are comfortable. At the same time, they pay respect to another’s privacy and strive for personal accomplishments. The locals are known for saying ‘eh’ and ‘aboot’ incredibly often in their sentences. This last one is absurd: Canada is home to many languages and has a vast number of francophone citizens.


As for sightseeing, the Niagara Falls is a must-see. The CN Tower has become a landmark for Toronto. For your stay, you can rest at Chateau Lake Louise, a hotel bordered by a glacier lake and the mountains. If you’re less conventional, a hostel offers accommodation in a jail. You can rest in the same place where convicts lost their life. Canada has many legends about lake monsters. They’re afraid of Sasquatch, which supposedly eats their beloved beavers. There are a considerable number of accidents because of animals roaming free, so don’t hesitate to visit the National Parks. Ottawa has many architectural artworks. You need to make some time for Saint Joesph’s Oratorio.