Things to Do in Northwest Ohio

Things to Do in Northwest Ohio

Northwest Ohio is an area in the United States that is both rural and agricultural. Many locations are rich with history and have many public destinations that display historical artifacts and memorabilia. Finding something to do in Northwest Ohio is easy due to several entertainment venues to choose from. Whether it’s a day out with the family or an educational field trip with school, northwest Ohio has something to share with everyone.

Things to Do in Northwest Ohio

Sauder Village

Sauder Village is located in the city of Archbold, Ohio. This man made historic replica of the Great Black Swamp mirrors life back in the 1800’s. Most of the homes and businesses located in the village are from the surrounding area. There is a working village on display for guests to see including over thirty-seven buildings such as a blacksmith shop, glassmaker, barber, general store and schoolhouse. A horse drawn carriage ride takes guests through the winding dirt streets to sight-see and explore. There is a large restaurant on the premises called “The Barn” that serves homemade country food and pastries.

Things to Do in Northwest Ohio

Toledo Zoo

The Toledo Zoo is located on the outskirts of Toledo, Ohio. Here, people of all ages enjoy animals and exhibits that are exclusive to the zoo. The zoo has over 5000 animals and 700 different species. There is a lot to see and do. One of the exhibits, the “Arctic Encounter,” showcases animals indigenous to a real arctic environment. Polar bears and wolves are just some of the animals that can be found inside this exhibit. The “Africa!” animal exhibit showcases giraffes and other African animals in a grassy, desert terrain. This is a memorable and educational sight to see at the Toledo Zoo.

Toledo Mudhens

The Toledo Mudhens is Toledo’s own professional minor league baseball team. Their home is in downtown Toledo at the Fifth Third field. Named after the actual Mudhen bird that lives in marshy, wet locations, this team is well praised in the area and plays several games throughout the season. Fifth Third Field also has conference rooms and VIP areas for rent for large groups and private parties. Regular games are fairly easy to get into and inexpensive as well, at only $10. This is a great family event and kids are encouraged to attend.

Things to Do in Northwest Ohio


When looking for a place to get away in Northwest Ohio—Put-in-Bay comes to mind for many. This little island is located just a few miles from the Ohio shoreline. Guests depart via their own private boat or on the public “Jet Express.” The “Jet Express” offers the fastest way to Put-in-Bay and takes passengers on a twenty-minute jet boat ride across Lake Erie to their destination. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by quaint island life and gift shop lined streets. No motor vehicles are allowed on the island, making it a safe place for young visitors. Perry’s Monument towers over the Island as a distinct focal point. The monument was erected in honor of Oliver Hazard Perry’s naval victory over the War of 1812.

Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum

A hidden gem in Northwest Ohio, in Wapakoneta to be exact, is the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum. Here, visitors can experience firsthand different exhibits of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. The F5D Sky-lancer is one of items showcased and is a plane that Neil once tested. There are also several artifacts and memorabilia from the famed Apollo 11 mission—including a real moon track. Films and demonstrations of the US Space Program are also available for patrons to enjoy.

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Things to Do in Northwest Ohio
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