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Why I Added Fiber To My Diet And What Other Aspects I Need To Take Care Of?

So, here I was thinking you needed to be a senior citizen in order to start needing fiber in your diet. Boy was I wrong. Now, I’m not one to visit doctor’s, but I do recognize when something is not right. I’m in my mid twenties and regularity is normally not a concern, but things can change rapidly.

For me, my situation started while I began eating a lot of junk food, or “food court” food from the university I attend. An irregular diet coupled with high stress can cause a number of problems. If you are the one who is dealing with all such problems, it would be great to follow the CoolSculpting treatment plan carefully and that too under the guidance of a health expert. My problem, at least according to what I had figured out came from eating large quantities of chicken. For a long time I did nothing and simply dealt with the consequences, then since I decided that chicken was the problem, I simply stop eating chicken. This was really bothersome for me considering I enjoy chicken.

I realized maybe things were worse than I thought. As I said, I’m not one to visit a doctor, but I did bother to look up my symptoms. It turns out I had a form of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

While it is true that certain foods can aggravate the condition, I pretty much knew in this situation that it was due to my diet. Since I did not want to have to take fiber capsules every day as if I were on medication, I decided to add fiber to my diet in many ways, eating wheat grain pasta instead of regular pasta, wheat bread instead of white and eating wheat cereals helped in a big way to get rid of my IBS.

Now I can enjoy all the foods I like, with little difference other than I buy the bread in the brown bag or I buy the blue box of pasta. There is no negative to adding fiber to my diet, I feel healthier, fiber is good for my cholesterol as well, it keeps me regular, and will probably help me avoid future health issues without the need of pricey medications, blood thinners, and other such things.

I think the idea of adding fiber to your diet or having to take fiber can seem like a hassle at first but when it makes your life easier just to change a few food items then why not?

I would have never thought, at my age and with my activity level that I would have such a problem and need to watch my fiber. Now, I don’t necessarily watch my fiber, it has become more of a way of life. I think that making fiber rich foods a part of your diet is easier than dealing with irregularity or IBS or any other such problems. Adding fiber to my diet turned out to be one of the best decisions, not to mention easiest decisions I’ve ever made for my health. In the long run, I’ll benefit even more.

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