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What Are Vinyl Double Hung Windows?

Vinyl is a popular material used in windows because it is energy efficient, scratch resistant, easy to maintain, easy to clean, and best of all, affordable. In fact, vinyl windows are some of the cheapest windows that you can get. You can get nearly all of the most popular styles of windows as a vinyl window, including the very popular vinyl double hung window.

Vinyl double hung windows have both an upper and lower window sash. These sashes slice vertically past each other in the same frame. This is a very traditional style of window and it looks wonderful in any style home. Usually the lower sash is located in front of the upper sash. Each sash could be a solid frame of glass, or it can be separated by built-in muntins into several different lights. Another possibility is snap-in, removable grids that will allow homeowners to make it appear that the window has separate lights and let them decide the pattern.

While the design is entirely up to the owners to choose, most of them are not very familiar with Vinyl and are quite confused as to which one to choose for their windows. In such a scenario, they would need outside help and fortunately, there are a wide range of window cleaning services that can help them out in this task as they consider it their duty to help out customers as keeping them satisfied is the first priority of such services.

Vinyl double hung windows are designed with grooves in the side jambs. These grooves let the sashes slide separately from each other. You can open just the top, which is a much safer option if you have pets or small children, or you can choose to open the bottom part of the window. This gives you a very versatile window that allows you to have half the area of the window for ventilation. Some vinyl double hung windows come with a full screen, and you can easily open either the top or bottom without worrying about insects. Others have a half screen that you position according to how you want to open the window.

Many homeowners choose vinyl double hung windows for their replacement windows because they are so versatile. They improve the energy efficiency of a home but that isn’t their only feature. They also have tilt-in sashes. This allows a homeowner to easily tilt the window so that they can clean the outside of the window while they are standing inside. This makes cleaning the window not only easy but also much safer than traditional windows that require homeowners to climb on a ladder or lean out to clean. These windows also offer UV protection, protecting fabrics, photos, and other valuables from fading in the sun as well as protecting those who live in the house from the sun’s radiation.

These vinyl double hung windows are very stylish. They can be arranged in a wide variety of ways to bring lots of style and personality to any home. They can be used to fill large spaces like a picture window while providing the ventilation that a picture window doesn’t provide. They are also available in many different colors to match any design.Sears Home Improvements offers quality home renovation services including installation of Vinyl Double Hung Windows, Please visit our Home Improvements website or call us at 1-877-587-1990 for more information today.

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