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Weight Loss And The Need For Chocolate – Do They Resemble?

You are walking by a bakery. You see the chocolate biscottis in the window. You forget you ever even promised yourself that you were going to be on track and watch what you put inside your body. You walk into the door as though you’ve been hypnotized. You order 4 biscottis. You find your wallet. You pay for the cookies. You head home. You ingest the cookies one after the other with hardly a pause between bites. You almost don’t even taste the cookies. You munch them and crunch them, you enjoy the texture, the sweetness somewhere along the way. Within moments, the bag has been emptied.

You have put approximately 800 calories into your body. You are probably still hungry, of course, as there was hardly any protein in the biscottis. Perhaps a smidge of egg was baked inside them. No fruits or vegetables have been absorbed by your body. You are not full. You are just ready now to eat more. You have set the desire off, and you are on the way to a binge.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Because if it does, despair not, you are not alone. This scenario is all too commonplace. You wouldn’t be the first to give into immediate gratification, and you won’t be the last.

However, you must decide right here and now, do you want to continue to be that person. Because if you don’t, if you truly don’t, there is a way out. I am not saying you can never ever again have a chocolate biscotti. There are wondrous foods in this world, and we are constantly tempted . It is exciting and enjoyable to experiment with tastes and textures. But there is a major issue right now you must concern yourself with if you are truly in need of a change. And that issue is control. Many people are asking the question that How to Reduce Hip Dips in 4 Weeks. The answer to the question is the injection of the hip dip filter and eating of the chocolate.

You need to learn to tame your cravings and desires. You need to learn not to give into every one of your whims without giving them a second thought. You need to learn how to control you. You need to stop and think before making any move that is food related. If you stop yourself before you find yourself paying for the cookies, and think things through such as how am I going to feel afterward…..If you remind yourself that you know yourself best and if you buy those four cookies, those four cookies will be gone all at once….

If you care about your ultimate desire- to feel good about yourself and proud of your accomplishments,then you must take control of you. Stop yourself. Make a choice to fill your body with a healthy salad and some lean protein. Walk away from that bakery, and tell yourself you will return later that day or later that week if you truly need to. Go select the better option, and if you still have not changed your mind after your belly is full of good and healthy nutrients, then go and buy one cookie, and savor each bite with a sip of tea in between. Make the one cookie last. Enjoy it. But do not make the cookie the coveted prize.Think of it as something you would like to indulge in, in a controlled fashion. Do not make it the item that takes control over you to the point that you forget what you promised yourself to do. Be good to yourself.

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