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Tips For Buying Audio Turntables

Turntables are circular rotating plates that are used for playing sound recordings. Turntables are commonly known as record players or phonographs. Listening to music on turntables is a different experience altogether. Which is why there is still a huge market dedicated to record players.

Turntables provide a stable and rotating platform for vinyl records. It allows them to rotate at a constant speed which gives us the best quality of music. Secondly, with the help of the attached needle, they can read the recorded information on the vinyl disk.

There are several things that you should consider as you are buying a turntable:

  • Belt drive vs Direct drive

This is the way with which you can learn about how the motor of your turntable is connected to the platter. And this is an important aspect as you go out to buy a turntable. Professional DJs prefer direct drives as they give optimum output as soon as they are started. Moreover, you get a resistance-free spin of the splatter as the motor is turned off. There are several professional turntable options available in the market just like crosley audio that gives you the best audio experience at affordable prices.

If you need a turntable for your home, then a belt drive is a better option for you. You get no motor noise and better quality music from the turntable as well.

  • Cartridge

Usually, turntables have an attached cartridge that is pre-mounted on the tonearm. This cartridge contains the needle or pickup that is responsible for grooves and sounds. You get an entry-level stylus with your turntable but most of the times people tend to upgrade the needle in order to get better sound quality.

  • Phono preamp

As the initial signal received by the cartridge is quite weak, turntables have a phono preamp in them. This is a device which is used for amplifying the signals from the cartridge and increase it to an audible level. You can even move the preamp into a separate unit or combine it with other components of the turntable as well.

  • Manual vs. Automated

This is how you can learn about the amount of interaction that is required for your side. There are three types of turntables that are available in the market. You can get a fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual turntable.

With fully automatic turntables you just have to push a button and you are ready to go. All the internal and external processes by the turntable will be automatic and the tonearm will automatically move back to its original position as soon as the record ends.

With a semi-automatic turntable, you get just have to lower the stylus and place it on the record. This will start the process and as the record ends the tonearm will automatically move back to its original position.

Whereas with manual turntable, you have to place the tonearm in the beginning as well as remove it from the record in the end. You get less machine noise with a manual setup as well.

  • USB output

This a new feature that allows you to copy your records and move them into more digital resources. You can copy your records on flash drives, CDs, and hard disks as well.

These are the basic details that you should consider as you go out to buy yourself a new turntable.

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