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The New AC Office Recruit: Miles Road! Read To Know

When he saw the ad in the newspaper he just knew it was the job he always dreamed of. The ad was a bit vague: working with people, sometimes animals,but indoors, a bit of computing………But it sounded versatile so that was Miles to a tee. He applied.

Miles’ background was in the circus. His family had a rich background in taming lions, seals and other animals. But when he reached 20 he had enough of this nomadic existence and wanted to settle down to a quiet life. He decided that Denver was the place. After renting a fully furnished flat he set out to find the AC-Offices.

To his surprise he was hired on the spot. The AC-Management said he had exactly the right background for a job like this. Miles looked around him but he only saw offices and computers. He rubbed his hands, because the other (female) staff sure looked pretty. After discussing the job-description;”a bit of emailing the CP’s, answering the phone, keeping an eye on the threads, making coffee,” Miles smiled. “Yes, this was not a difficult job” he thought. “After messing around with a troupe of lions and seals I can do this, hands down.”

So he settled in. After a week he reached for the Prozac. Miles was having sleepless nights, and if he did get a wink of sleep, he got nightmares. During the day it was even worse. The computer never stopped spewing out emails, the phone never stopped ringing. The pretty office girls started to look a bit unhealthy too. Miles decided to do something about it before things got out of hand here.

Normally he would have taken the whip to bring everybody in line, but that wasn’t going to work here of course. All these CP’s were on-line. However,all this unruly-ness had to stop immediately if he was going to make next Christmas. But the complaints were growing over his head. He was not going to make all these folks happy, that was for sure.

So he opened a thread addressing the first issue of resume submission for an construction recruitment company which later contacts the person to know all about their experience and the personal information that they have provided on the resume to know either it is true or not. That was better, hundreds of people answered. And the second, and the third, and the fourth. To his amazement he got thousands of replies, answering all his questions. They even answered each other, which was even better. He wondered if he could open a new thread, about his personal life, titled: “How to approach a pretty office-girl” or even open one just to have a correspondence with his mom. These threads were great!

But in his boundless enthusiasm he forgot one thing: sometimes people also expect an answer from the one who posted the thread. Or actually read them and act upon the answers. This was growing out of proportions, he decided. This was not the idea at all, I thought by opening a thread my live would be easier and so an answer to my prayer as to what to do with all those emails.

So the deleting of unwanted threads that were going nowhere began. He sighed with relief, and leaned back in his chair. He looked at the empty AC screen. That was better.No more threads. Now where were all those un-answered emails and PMs again?

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