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The Bhrigu and His Time Less Horoscopes

Those people who have delved in astrology will know that the central pivot around which this science revolves is the Horoscope. The horoscope is a chart that lays down the planetary positions at the time of birth. It is also called the natal chart. It is divided into 12 houses; each house is supposed to represent a particular trait, phase or aspect of a human beings life. Horoscopes may be in any form but the basic principles are the same as they position the planets in the various houses at the time of birth.The saint Bhrigu is supposed to have cast all known horoscope combinations a long time ago. An aspect that has often not been given the importance it deserves is that the horoscopes cast by the saint are relevant even today. The work of the saint Bhrigu is thus the very anti thesis of western astrology.

Bhrigu is a shadowy figure and not much is known about his personal life. He perhaps lived much before the Vedic age. But he is credited with formulating horoscopes of all human beings in the universe. These horoscopes are supposed to have been cast by the saint many thousands of years ago. However only a limited number of them have survived centuries of destruction, particularly by the Muslim invadors.This aspect that anybody who lived many thousands of years back can cast a horoscope for a man living in the present age is the most difficult thing to digest. But it is a wondrous feat and as we say the proof of the pudding is in its eating so it is for the horoscopes cast by Bhrigu.

A portion of these horoscopes are available at a place in the Punjab at Hoshiarpur. This is medium sized town about 45 km from Jullundur on the Delhi Amritsar rail line. The original custodian of these horoscopes was Pandit Desraj.After his demise the horoscopes have been divided among the sons and I am sorry to say a certain amount of malpractices have crept in. Mrs. Satish Janardhanji referred to as Mataji is the principle custodian of these horoscopes and resides at Railway Mandi in Hoshiarpur.

The saint Bhrigu is supposed to have cast horoscopes for all available human beings on earth. As only a fraction have survived the ravages of time, you have to be lucky to come across your horoscope .But in case you visit Hoshiarpur and your horoscope is located the findings are nothing short of wonderous.The horoscope will detail your father’s name, your name and your sons/children’s names. It will also relate the past events in your life as well as forecast the events likely to occur in the future.

There are many people among them a lot of westerners who have visited Hoshiarpur and been lucky to find their horoscopes there. They have benefited a lot from the forecasts .It must be mentioned that the horoscopes are written in Sanskrit and they will have to read out and translated to you by the priest or custodian of the horoscopes. The procedure of locating the horoscopes is simple. When you reach the granthsthan (place where the Horoscopes are kept) you will have to hand over your birth details and place of birth. The horoscopes will then be sifted and your horoscope may be found after a few hours or even months of search. In case you are lucky you can listen to the events of your life straightaway but in case the horoscope is not found then you will have to come back later. The custodian will inform you when your horoscope is found and you can come down and listen to the revelations.

The horoscopes not only forecast the future but lay down rituals and mantras that can help ward off any evil or bad effects in the future. This again will appear anathema to a rationalist- but then astrology itself defies any rational explanation. All we can say is that this science is still to be studied and may be at some distant point in time in the future the mysteries of the Bhrigu, his forecasts and astrology will be unraveled. In the future, there will be ابراج اليوم in the life of the person if they follow the terms and words of astrology. Proper explanation should be provided to the person about the astrology and horoscope.

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