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Health and Fitness

Terpenes: Impact On The Human Body

Who doesn’t want to enjoy life to the fullest? Who does not aspire to have every comfort and convenience that can be found on this earth? What does it take to achieve all this? Why can’t everyone have everything at one go so that there is no jealousy or hatred in existence for anyone?

These questions must have surely exploded in your mind like fireworks from 4th of July celebrations but there is no definite or convincing explanation regarding this matter as everyone are entitled to their own opinion which is based on their subjective preferences.

The youngsters or youth brigade are the ones that want everything given in the aforementioned questions and they strive to achieve it someday or the other. But the main problem is that they do very little (not any) hard work to get those comforts.

They always run away from every task that requires them to apply a little extra effort than what they channelize in their body which they do have in large quantity, mind you.

The intriguing part is that if the task involves money or any financial or monetary benefit, they forget all their laziness and morals and leap into action to finish the job in hand, irrespective of whether it has good or bad consequences.

It never occurs to them that if they apply the same hard work and energy in a job or profession that has morals, ethics and a clean and clear future without any hassles, they can live as respectable citizens of the society and command respect and adulation from everyone.

Unfortunately for them, when they do come to the realization that they have delved deeper into this murky world of crime and drug addiction, it is too late and the more they try to come out of this swamp, they sink further in as it tightens its hold on them.

Drug addiction has become a matter of serious concern for this society and for the parents who have lost the apple of their eyes to drugs, having helplessly watched their kids sink further and further in and die horrible, painful deaths.

However, there is a silver lining in this regard as with all its negative and catastrophic aspects, drugs to have a positive side to redeem its unwelcome prospects, as long as it is taken in limited quantities and never let it claim you.

Let’s take the example of cannabis and terpenes and the long lasting benefits that can be attained from it. Terpene flavors abound across mountainous terrains and it is easily recognizable with its fragrance of cannabis, lavender and lily flavored aroma that once inhaled has a profound effect of relaxation that one who has smelled it can only describe its effects.

How are plans, flowers and trees recognizable even by people who are blind? Its because of the smell of fragrant aroma emanating from them. Where does this fragrance come?

Quite simply, from the molecules made up of complex chemical compounds that help trees to grow from saplings with small plants and flowers also having similar traits to their name.

The scientific names and complex calculations in chemistry are discussions for another day.

Today, the topic of content is what role does terpenes play in the lives of people and what impact it has on the human body.

Here are some famous terpenes flavors to talk about:

  • Camphene: It is found in ginger, cilantro and cardamom which is a wonderful anti oxidant with a herbal flavor
  • Limonene: As the name suggests, it is found and named after lemon with citrus fruits and a powerful aroma of terpene that is quite entrancing to anyone who inhales the contents. It is beneficial for weight loss, cancer and asthma patients.
  • Linalool: It is made from sandalwood and when crushed into paste, it can heal wounds and a good remedy for liver cancer. It can be found in cinnamon, mint and sunflowers.

Terpene benefits on thc and cbd is quite immense due to it fighting off bacteria and with medicinal properties that counter inflammation, swelling, colitis and anemia.

It is also extremely beneficial for people afflicted with epilepsy, leprosy and dry skin diseases. Provides a big boost to memory and prevents anxiety attacks among hysteria patients.

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