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Tattoo Removal: Laser, Surgical And Cosmetic Solutions

So, that bachelor party in Vegas left you with a stripper’s name tattooed across your chest? Just because she was the best lap dance you ever had doesn’t mean that you should have let her brand you, but with a little luck, a laser tattoo removal specialist, and an understanding new wife (or one that doesn’t question why you won’t take your shirt off in front of her for the first six months of your marriage,) your tattoo removal can be easier and more complete than you ever thought possible. With luck, you chose some colors that can be easily removed, and with even more luck, you didn’t let your buddies talk you into putting that tattoo where you can’t hide it during the laser tattoo removal process. With that in mind, here are a few other pointers for going to your doctor informed about what laser tattoo removal can and can’t be expected to do.

Laser tattoo removal makes the process of tattoo removal easy, but hardly painless. Laser Tattoo Removal Services is known the best way to rid of the old tattoo and it is painless way of removing tattoo. On average, it will take between three and ten treatments to complete the tattoo removal process, and you must be careful to follow your doctor’s advice during the treatment period. Up front, know that some tattoo pigments are more difficult to remove than others. Yellow, purple, and green are difficult to remove, while blue is the hardest of all to eradicate. These will take more treatments than a simple black pigment tattoo, which can take between two and four treatments to remove completely. When undergoing the process of laser tattoo removal, there are several variables which must be taken into account, including the color of the pigments. You’re also going to want to be aware that without proper at-home care, you could be left with scarring which is more noticeable (and more permanent) than the original tattoo. Also, tattoos which have been created to hide a previous tattoo are far more difficult to successfully remove due in part to the fact that the tattoo removal will require the removal of up to double the amount of pigment. This could extend the treatment period by as much as an additional six months.

Undergoing laser tattoo removal may be simple, but it isn’t painless. During the process, doctors will apply a topical anesthetic to the affected area or inject the site with Lidocaine if the tattoo is small enough. After the treatment, at-home care should include caring for the area as if it were a cut or an abrasion. Keep the area covered with a topical antibiotic and a bandage until the following session, and follow all doctor’s instructions in the interim with regards to diet, cleaning the wound, and return visits. The more carefully you follow your doctor’s instructions, the more likely that your tattoo removal will not only be successful, but will heal to a nearly invisible mark.

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