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Survival Gear

Survival Gear Essentials

When you go out on an adventure in wild, you are required to carry essential survival gears in case of any emergencies so that you can survive in the wild on your own. You can check out http://www.prepperreadiness.com/ for latest survival gears and the prepping lifestyle. Here is the list of essential survival gears that will help you in staying alive while you wait for the search and rescue team.

  • Cutting tools

Having a cutting tool in your survival kit is really important. With the help of a quality knife your survival chances increase many times. You can create several items with the help of your knife as well. Make sure that you buy the best quality knife, which can withstand all the pressure of forceful work. Cheaper knifes may break or lose their cutting edge under pressure.

  • Combustion

This device is something that is going to help you in creating fire. The ferrocerium striker is a popular items for survival situations as it is really lightweight and easy to use. You can also make fire-sparks under every conditions. It was developed by military to start fires at mountain and cold regions.

Like a lighter, it creates a spark which can be used to flammable gas, liquid or any tinder in a small stick fire. These fire starters are seen as reliable fire making instrument as they can be used in extreme weather situations.

  • Cover

A necessary part for your survival kit, so that you remain protected all the times. When out there in the wild, you should maintain your core-temperature stable as much as you can. You can use a light-weight and durable blankets and sleeping bags to keep yourself protected all the times.

  • Container

You should always keep containers for storing water in the wild. As keeping yourself hydrated is one of the vital aspect of survival. You can use the container to collect and store water and thereafter it can also be used to boil and sanitize water.

  • Cordage

It can be used to create shelters, tools, weapons and hunting devices as well. Having a little para-cord in your kit will take up practically no space. You can even make your own cords in wild with the help of vines, plastic bottles or any other suitable material.

  • Cotton cloth

You should always keep a piece of cloth in your survival kit. It can be used in a number of ways. You can create several Band-Aids for first aid, you can use the strip of cloth to apply pressure on the wounds as well. You can even create a bag from the cloth to carry fruits and necessary tools.

  • Compass

A quality compass with a sighting mirror and moveable direction ring will allow you to navigate your way around the forest. You won’t end up walking in circles as you use a compass. The mirror part can also be used for signaling sunlight as well.

  • Cargo tape

This is basically a duct-tape. It can be used to patch your clothes, your tent, fixing small gaps/holes in your bag or container, or as a Band-Aid as well. It is really durable and tough as well. Instead of carrying any big roll of the tape you can fold some of it and keep it in your survival kit.

  • Canvas needle

Canvas needle is really useful for any type of tent and cloth repairs. You can even repair your pack and other articles as well.  You can keep it in your first-aid kit so that you can use it for medical aid as well.

  • Fully charged headlamp

Having a charged headlamp with you in wild will greatly help you at night. Basically everything you do at night would require light and with the help of a headlamp you can work more efficiently at night as well. You can even move around and create you shelter without much of a problem.  They are really cheap as well.

With all these tools you can survive out there in the wild.  You should also visit http://www.prepperreadiness.com/ to get yourself all the necessary information and equipment that you need with your adventure out there in the wilderness.

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