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Starcraft 2 Zerg Micro Tactics

Zerg micro tactics is defined as the actual manipulation of specific units during an attack. If you are starting out, it’s more important to perfect Zerg macro skills before trying to use micro skills. The Zerg have lots of inexpensive units and are really good at creating additional ones, so focusing on individual troops is not a smart strategy unless you’re able to do it while expertly managing your economy, resource gathering, and troop production at the same time. Nonetheless, there are a few really effective Zerg micro strategies – but they should only be used once you are comfortable with your macro abilities. The Zerg Macro Guidebook is the best resource to improve your Zerg macro skills.

Zerg Micro Skill – Basic Micro Tactics

Since the Zerg build such specialized troops, spying on your opponent is important when deciding on your strategy. Be sure to take a look at the Zerg scouting guide for strategies on how to scout against Terran and Protoss opponents, as well as how to protect yourself against them. Make sure to pursue enemy soldiers in smaller groups and overwhelm them with large quantities of troops. Since Zerg units are so specialized, make sure to align your units in battle so you will emerge victorious every time.

Zerg Micro Strategy – Burrowed Roaches

This tactic is good for a little later in the game, after you have researched Burrow. It also works best when your opposition doesn’t posses a lot of Detectors. Burrowing costs 100 Vespine gas and 100 minerals to research, but is definitely one of the most useful upgrades you can acquire. Early game Burrowed Roaches are very difficult for your enemy to discover, and will provide you with a huge advantage in combat.

Use your Roaches to quickly kill enemy units one by one. When your enemy counter attacks, burrow your Roaches then uncover them to kill another enemy unit. Since Roaches recover health so fast (around ten hit points per second when burrowed), you’ll be able to heal while burrowed and then be fully recovered when you are ready for your next attack. When done effectively, this strategy can distract the enemy and get some amazing results so when you visit https://fpstracker.com/, you will see great rankings and stats of your game.

There are many Starcraft 2 guides on the internet for sale. If you are considering getting one, make sure to take a look at my brutally honest reviews of the Shokz Guide for Starcraft 2 as well as the most popular SC2 guides before you buy one.

Zerg Micro Strategy – Mutalisk Decoy

Keep the Mutalisks you make moving around constantly to distract your opponent. If he does not know how many you have, he will be very careful before attacking you, which will buy you some time. If you do not have a large number of Mutalisks, this decoy tactic will buy you some time to tech up and create extra units. Since the key to mastering Zerg is to reach the late game with a thriving economy and significant unit and mineral production, using this strategy early on in an effective manner will let you get to the late game where you will win.

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