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Spring Horoscope for Libra, Gemini & Aquarius

These are the astrology forecasts for the signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius for the months of March and April. If you need horoscope for complete year you can find that about your sign on Mindfulnessandjustice. There you get your horoscope along with recommendations and tips that you can follow for good luck and future.

Gemini Forecasts for the Spring

Although nothing definite will have been said, you will get the feeling that changes are afoot this spring. The suspense will make you tense and nervous so either talk to someone who can clarify the matter and put your out of your misery or wipe the whole thing clear out of your head and think of something different instead.

March and April are months when you shouldn’t be content to play a passive role in relationships. There is something you need to tell someone and the words won’t come very easily. If you use your imagination, you might think of some exciting ways to demonstrate your feelings and emotions.

People are incredibly helpful this spring. Sometimes you might wonder what their motives are. Mostly, their friendliness is sincere. Your creative ideas are novel, be sure to share them. In fact it will be to your advantage to share thoughts, ideas and future plans with others.

Libra Forecasts for the Spring

This spring with emphasis on your partnership sector, you will find that someone is looking to you for leadership and guidance. You will get a lot out of playing an active role in group concerns and a bit of healthy competition adds to your pleasure. Don’t be bashful and be sure to take credit where and when it is due.

Your stars recommend that you fill your world with the company of others in March and April as their support will help you progress in areas where fear of failure has held you back in the past. It’s time to dismiss thoughts of defeat and trust in the guidance that other people have to offer.

This spring, take a fresh look at the goals you set for yourself in the past. Do they still mean as much to you?

Aquarius Forecasts for the Spring

This spring, an unusual person will step into your life and invite you to share some of your feelings about a political or community-related issue. Before giving your views, look further into this. There’s a lot going on that some people are unaware of.

In the spring, be sure to purse the new and original ideas you come up with. Don’t hold back if offered the chance to do something you have never done before. It’s a good time to start a study course or to begin writing that novel you’ve always intended to write. It’s your turn too, to have some fun and with the help and support of your family and friends, that’s what you will get. You can gain insight into puzzles or problems through quiet meditation this spring.


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