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Quick and Easy DIY Shower and Tub Tips

You happen to walk into your bathroom and you see a few things that you need to do to improve your shower and your tub. You don’t need to call in a professional to do it, you can do it yourself. These are some easy and quick tips you can use to help you do just that.

Chips and nicks in your bathtub

If you happen to notice some chipping and nicks in your bathtub don’t worry, these are relatively easy to fix. To repair this problem, you must first clean the area with some rubbing alcohol. Then you will cover the damaged area with some thin coats of epoxy touch up paint. You will have your bathtub looking good as new in no time.

Prevent cracking

You will need to fill your bathtub with water when you go to apply new caulking around the tub and wall joint. This will prevent cracking later because the weight of the water will open the gap between the tub and the wall as wide as possible, so later it won’t crack.

Trickling showerhead

The best way to rejuvenate a clogged shower head is to remove the shower head first. Then you will disassemble the parts, and then soak them in warm vinegar. After it soaks for at least fifteen minutes, you may remove any excess debris from the holes with a thin rigid wire. Then you can rinse off all the parts, then reassemble the shower head and put it back in place. Your shower head will be good as new, no need to buy a new one.

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A perfect shower every time

How many times have you stepped into your shower and fiddled with the temperature to get just right. You won’t have to do that anymore with this little trick. If you have a single lever faucet in your shower, place a self sticking color dot or a piece of waterproof tape on the tile to help mark your ideal water temperature. So next time you step in to shower, you know exactly where to turn the lever. No more wasting time fiddling with the water.

Easy does it cleaning

You can clean your dirty fiberglass bathtubs and showers with a gentle scratch resistant cleanser, or you could use a commercial bathroom cleanser that contains ethylene diamine tetraacetate. The EDTA is gentle enough so it won’t scratch or damage the fiberglass.

Stain removers

You can easily get rust stains out of porcelain with a paste of cream of tartar and some hydrogen peroxide. Both of these are available in the spice department in your local grocery store, and they are also found in some baking powders. You will want to scrub the paste on gently with a soft brush, such as an old toothbrush. Then allow the paste to dry, and then rinse. You may repeat this if necessary.

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