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New Housing Options for Seniors Ages 62 and Over

Riderwood Village in Silver Spring Maryland is a new community for folks ages 62 and over. It is part of the Erikson Retirement Communities, which are located throughout the United States.

There are many options for living in Riderwood Village, from independent living in apartments to assisted living to nursing facilities. In addition, there are many clubs and activities to keep daily life very full and exciting. For more information, please check out the Riderwood Village website at: www.ericksoncommunities.com/rwv/.

Retirement Community

Every one who lives in Riderwood Village must be at least age 62. The community is made up of sixteen buildings, four clubhouses and assisted living and nursing home facilities. There is a fully-staffed medical center which also brings in specialists. The people of retirement community have cleared the cna state exam for enjoying the benefits of the Nursing options. The senior people of the community should be provided with basic medical facilities in the Village.

Apartments range from one to two bedrooms. The entire community is accessible from indoors. In other words, each building is connected and one can walk the campus without ever having to go outside. Great for exercise and daily activities during inclement weather.

In addition, in this retirement community, you will find two banks, ATM’s and four convenience stores. The entire community is geared for seniors’ living, easy access and no maintenance.

Security in Riderwood Village Retirement Community

The entire campus of Riderwood Village is fully fenced with a gated entrance which is manned 24-hours a day. In addition, staff performs a daily ‘latch check’ of each and every apartment to make sure no one has fallen ill and can’t get help on their own. Seniors can feel safe and secure here.

Activities at Riderwood Village Retirement Community

There is more going on at Riderwood than you can imagine! There are over 150 clubs which any of the residents can choose to join. From Needlecrafter’s Club to Square Dancing, Modeler’s Club, Chess Club, Bridge Club and many, many more.

In addition to the many clubs available for seniors to join, there are social dances, a spring Fishing Tournament in one of Riderwood’s three ponds, a Theater  amp; Performance Center, craft rooms, computer rooms and more.

According to Bruce Clark, a Riderwood Village resident, many feel like “It’s like living on a cruise ship.” With so many activities and virtually no maintenance for the residents, there is always something to do or someone interesting to talk to.

If you are looking for an evening of no-frills Bluegrass music and foot stompin’ fun, be sure to check out the No-Hope Riverboat Ramblers. They jam often, invite local musicians to join them, and often fill the Riderwood venue to overflowing.

Meal Time at Riderwood Village Retirement Community

All monthly fees include one complimentary meal per day. Most residents choose dinner for this meal. There are four restaurants, a cafeteria and a pub on campus at Riderwood Village in Silver Spring Maryland.

The only negative mentioned about the community has been that there is often a long wait at the restaurants for dinner. However, you may see or make many friends while waiting to pass the time. If you prefer not to wait, you can check out the cafeteria for a quicker meal.

According to Pat Kral, another Riderwood Village Retirement Community resident, “The food ranges from good to very good.” There also seems to be a common problem of a not-so-mysterious weight gain of a few pounds upon arriving at Riderwood Village!

Other Activities and Amenities at Riderwood Village Retirement Community

Visitor’s Parking (this is, unfortunately, somewhat limited)    Continuing Care Retirement Community    Visitors can enjoy a meal at additional cost    Indoor pool    Two fitness centers    Four beauty salons    Tai Chi, yoga, etc. classes    Four game rooms with pool tables    Education programs linked with Prince George’s Community College (small fee applies)    Physical therapy facilities    Tennis court    Chapel    Party rooms    Guest rooms    See website for more info: www.ericksoncommunities.com/rwv/

A Great Retirement Community

According to my favorite residents, Bruce Clark and Pat Kral, Riderwood Village Retirement Community is a fabulous community in which to live for seniors 62 and over. With complete medical facilities, twenty-four hour security, so much to do and so many social opportunities, your favorite senior will love it too! For more information about Erikson Communities in other locations, please check out: www.ericksoncommunities.com.

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