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Iphone- An Inseparable Part Of Life

Well this article ought to be very interesting. If there is one thing that excites anyone today in the field of electronic gadgets, the smartphone is sure to top the list. There an old saying that goes like this: child is the father of man.

This is what we have been hearing since childhood that it matters not what a person is born but what they grow up to become based on their upbringing and beliefs. When a child is born, he is not at all aware of his surroundings or even his own existence.

As the days pass, he slowly starts recognizing his parents, elders and the people who he sees around him everyday and they become close to him and make up his family which may include neighbors, which is based on how attached they are to his mum and dad.

Then, he becomes fascinated with the colorful toys that are all around him and starts playing with them alongwith goodies like food and sweets that he is fed. Gradually as he grows up and becomes a teenager, the likes and interests shift from toys to live models of toys he had played with.

He starts loving the real cars, with whose miniature versions he had played with in childhood and which he gets the opportunity to sit into one and start driving it on his own the moment he comes of age.

The mobile phone, ever since they started replacing the wired telephones in the 1980s, soon caught the fancy of everyone as people found it astounding that people can talk through this device smaller than their hands and that too with no wire to connect it. Truly a remarkable feat!!

The first telephone was invented by the genius scientist Alexander Graham Bell in the 19th century (1876 to be precise) which became a revolutionary discovery as people could communicate with each other while sitting thousands of miles apart which immortalized Mr. Bell in history.

This trend continued until the mid 20th century and slowly but surely technology went into upgrade mode and started becoming more advanced, as it does within every few decades.

The wireless mobile phones became prominent around the 1990s and then came the digital media revolution with the advent of the 21st century which led to the smartphones becoming more popular as a modern means of communication with enhanced features.

Today, we are a few days into 2020 and smartphones have undergone a vast change in looks and features. Yes, from being mere devices that were limited to communicating it gradually became a camera and when the internet made its way into them, they have become mini computers that we can carry around in our pocket.

Iphones were developed by Apple.Inc company which was founded by Steve Jobs amd today, it is one of the big four companies of the world, the other three being Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Iphones have become so integral and significant in our lives that when you lose it or misplace it, the feeling is akin to our hand being amputated from the body. Yes we have become addicted to iphones in more ways than one and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that our lives depend entirely upon it.

The iphone too requires protection as it is a very delicate and costly object with the screen guard for the screen and a beautiful back cover to finish the coating to protect it from weather.

Today, the iphone 11 back cover is doing the rounds at various shops and online portals that have extensive features and a sound operating system along with a prolonged battery saver which can be considered the soul of a smartphone.

It has proven to be not only cost effective but makes the phone quite good to look at. Gone are the days when people used to visit stores and shops for covers but due to online shopping being at its peak you can get the choicest iphone 11 cover with just a few simple clicks.

Why it is best to shop for a phone cover online is because it provides many options to choose from different varieties and shapes to suit the color that would go down well with the phone.

Whenever you buy a new iphone, here are the top things that you need to take care of:

  • Keep the phones secure as pickpockets are now more interested in phones rather than wallets and they are quiet easy to pilfer. Apart from password and code, have a face id to lock and unlock the phone.
  • Do take pictures at night as the scenery is quiet and beautiful with some nice shots
  • Take care to install various security apps that may prove useful for references
  • Use cameras with ultra wide lenses
  • Selfies are the current generation’s obsession that have encouraged the old folks too to follow suit so take as many as you can.
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