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How To Start A Car Detailing Business

How to start a car detailing business?

If You ever thought of starting a car detailing business, but didn’t know how and were scared of the risk of doing it the wrong way, putting up money and failing, then you need to read this now !!!.

You can Start a Mobile Detailing Business the Right Way, have almost Zero Risk and Do what I Do and Start making Serious Money doing what you like. This is my story:

In 2002 I was unhappy and tired of working hard for someone who didn’t appreciate it and always was mad at everyone. I was tired of working crazy hours, making little money and seeing the Real Money being made by my Boss.

I always thought I will start a business of my own, keep all or at least most of the income for myself and be happy doing it. Over the years I developed an interest in Car Detailing. I kept up with my car, always kept it clean and sooner or later had people asking me about the work and if I could maybe do it for them.

You can check out https://www.schmicko.com.au/car-paint-protection-ceramic-coating/ for more tips and tricks before you dive into car detailing business. This will provide you a good insight of the business beforehand.

I was intrigued by the possibility, did the cars for the people that were interested and found out that they were really happy with my work. I DECIDED TO START A MOBILE CAR DETAILING BUSINESS.

At the beginning it wasn’t easy at all. I started paying for ads in advertising magazines, distributing home made fliers and didn’t even have a uniform or professional business cards. I admit I made a lot of mistakes and that cost me money, some health and strained my relationships with the people around me because I was constantly stressed out and mad.

I kept working at it even though ideas of giving up were starting to fill my mind. I contacted a few established detailers from around the US and joined a few forums for detailers as well. All of the people I contacted were very helpful and gave me plenty of advice.

The forums I joined were full of detailers and people just caring for their own cars that answered many questions I had about marketing and performing my services. I owe a lot to those people and have to say that detailers are very helpful to people trying to do what they do.

I took some classes and bought a few guides on internet marketing, making your own website so it looks professional and got to work on all of this. I kept learning day after day. I was hungry for knowledge and did everything by myself including my website that brings me about 90{f3b888cd21f4f097cf256c2abf48fb4da5e46c34da410c05974afd2e97e2de2a} of my business now.

Now I know that at the beginning I went about starting the detailing business the wrong way. The thing that got me over the top is that I never gave up and kept learning and fighting to achieve success.

I thought about what I was doing and why it wasn’t working. Learning Internet Marketing The Right Way for a business like mine was incredible and mostly thanks to that I started to see great results.

Since that time I haven’t looked back. My business kept growing and still is expanding to this day. Now I’m a happy business owner with repeat customers, weekly maintenance accounts and large accounts even as big as Hospitals and Office Buildings that I get steady work from.

I learned almost everything on my own, found out what works and decided to share all of my knowledge with people similar to me that are looking into starting a Mobile Detailing Business.

The earning potential of the the business is great for me as well. Charging about $150 per car and being able to do 2 cars per day by myself for 6 days a week is giving me about $1800 and sometimes even $2500 per week. That is great taking into account I do what I love and have enough work that I’m starting to think of hiring people to help me as separate crews doing the work for me.

Like I said I have decided to share all of my knowledge with anyone that is interested in “How to start a car detailing business” the correct way. I have set up a website where I teach people how to go about starting a car detailing business the right way and try to help everyone to avoid the mistakes that I have made.

If you are seriously thinking about starting a Mobile car detailing business visit my site at StartaDetailingBusiness.com You will be able to find everything you need to succeed and be a happy owner of a car detailing business of your own.

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