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How to Save Money at CVS

With today’s economy, I’m sure many families have been trying to find ways to save money on groceries, necessities, gas etc. I’m slowly learning ways in which to save money at different stores. In this article, I will discuss how to save money at CVS through the use of their rewards program and clipping coupons. Ever since I started learning about these methods, I realised that something as simple as a wish promo code for existing customers can make a huge difference. 

*What You Need to Do*

  1. Clip coupons from magazines and newspapers.
  2. Get a weekly ad from CVS to see what is on sale that week, so you can plot your shopping trip.
  3. Look at the products on sale and those that have rewards for that week. Remember to buy things you will use. Some people do the rewards on products they don’t use, and give to people who do. You can do this too. Sometimes, I get products that are a really good deal and have valuable rewards attached, but I always make sure, someone can use them.
  4. Get a cash reward card for CVS; if you get it online, I think they will send you $4 or $5 cash reward to start, just for signing up for the card. From what I understand, you will receive this in your email, the email from which you signed up with.
  5. Plot what you will buy. What I mean is, look for the products that have cash rewards. Look for products that are a really good deal and those where you get cash back. Let’s say, you use a particular product like White Rain Shampoo, and this week the CVS has a reward that if you buy 5 bottles, you get back $5 in rewards. Then you would do this deal. After you do this deal, you will get a $5 reward, to use on other items later.
  6. If you want to do more than one transaction at a time, so that your savings are better, you can do this. Take your first rewards shopping trip out to the car. Come back in, and do another rewards trip you have planned.

*Some other helpful tips*

Let’s say you want to do 2 or 4 reward transactions on one day. Plot each one of your trips at home, by looking at the CVS sale ads for that particular week. If you are going to make 4 different transactions, then make up 4 envelopes. In the first envelope, write on the outside of the envelope 1st transaction. Only place inside this envelope a list of the rewards you are doing for this transaction, also add coupons that will save more money on the products you are purcashing for this transaction. You will need to do this for each transaction. So, if you are planning on doing 4 reward transactions, then make up four envelope, with all the information for each transaction placed inside. Don’t forget other coupons can save you more money. And always, remember to take your rewards card to CVS with you.

Also, it’s important that when you do a transaction you have overage. Let’s say you have a $5 off reward for CVS and you want to use it on a transaction, and let’s say that your total is $20, well you want it to go over a little bit, so the reward will come off. In other words, if you have $20 worth of products, make sure your total with tax is a little over $20.

Another awesome thing about CVS is, they give you all your savings back. Let’s say you have a coupon that says this product is free up to a certain amount. If they sell that product for less than what the coupon allows for, they will give you the change! Awesome isn’t it?!

Also, remember to clip coupons every week, check the savings ads from CVS each week, as well. Keep and eye out on even better deals, especially watch for coupons and buy one get one free deals, because you can save even more money this way.

I hope this article was helpful and that you have learned how to save even more money at CVS.

Please keep in mind, this is article is to help only, it can save you money if you plot your transactions correctly.

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