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How to Play Farmville on Facebook

FarmVille is a fun, addictive game that almost everyone is playing lately. You have to have a Facebook account to be able to play FarmVille. So that’s the first step. If you don’t have one already, then now would be a good time to sign up for one. After the signing up, there are few terms that should be known to the person. The selection of the game boosting tips should be done through the gamers.

The basic idea of FarmVille is to plant fruits, vegetables and flowers. Once those items are fully grown (Items can take anywhere from 2 hours – 4 days to grow) you will then harvest the items for money. Every time you plow your land and plant seeds it will cost money however, you will also gain XP when you plow and seed. The longer it takes for the items to grow, the more money and XP you will earn from them. The best way to make some money in the beginning is to grow raspberries. Although they do not yield any XP, they are ready to harvest every two hours and once you harvest them, you double your money, which is great. Be careful to not let your items whither though because then you will lose the money it took to plant them, and you will not have anything to harvest. It’s important to pay attention to the time it takes for each item to grow.

One tip about FarmVille is to add neighbors. The more neighbors you have, the more times you can expand your farm without having to wait to earn Farmbucks. Neighbors can also fertilize your crops so you will earn more money from your items when they are ready to be harvested. Also, you can visit your neighbors farm once a day and earn XP, coins and Fuel. XP is used to level up, the more you level up, the more items you unlock. Fuel is used to run the tractor, harvester and seeder, which make your work a little easier by taking care of 4 plots at one time instead of just one. Once you have enough money saved, you will be able to buy a tractor, harvester and seeder in the store.

Another great tip is to surround your Farmer by a fence or haystacks so he/she can’t move while you are taking care of your farm. This helps you do things faster then when you have to wait for your Farmer to walk all of the way over to the item.

Animals are also a way you can earn money. It seems that a new type of animal is available almost every week. Once an animal reaches 100% a pink arrow will appear above it and you will be able to harvest the animal. There are many animals which you can buy such as cows and chickens. Then there are other animals that your friends can send you as free gifts, or they can be claimed as your friends post them on Facebook.

Trees are yet another way for you to earn money. Once your trees are ready to harvest, they will grow fruit or berries and that’s when you can harvest them. Trees can be very expensive in the beginning, but if you are able to buy a few here and there, they will help you earn more money later on.

Free gifts are for you to send or receive. Around certain holiday’s, there are challenges like mailboxes, pots of gold, or Easter baskets to fill up. Your friends send you items to fill them up. You can also send back items to your friends as well. Once you reach a certain point, you will be able to redeem those items for gifts to put on your farm. You can also ask your friends to send you an item by posting a request on Facebook.

One new feature is the Collections. Pieces of each collection are hidden throughout the game and you can find those pieces by either farming, visiting a neighbor’s farm or by a neighbor posting one of the items for you to collect. If someone posts an item that you want, you better hurry up because sometimes there might only be one or two to go around.

Once in a while FarmVille will offer you a challenge such as building a Horse Stable. This will require the help of your friends as they will have to send you the materials you need to build your item. If all else fails, you will be able to buy the items in the store, however they mostly cost Farmbucks and those are hard to come by unless you buy them with a credit card.

When you acquire a certain amount of animals such as Chickens or Cows, you can buy a Chicken Coop or a Dairy Farm. This way you don’t have to harvest each individual animal, you can harvest a large amount at once. The minimum amount of Cows allowed in the Dairy Farm is 20. The same goes for the Chickens however, you can host a Barn Raising and if you get 10 of your FV friends to help you out within 3 days time, you will expand your Barn. You can also use this method to expand your Storage Space.

So remember to plant and harvest your crops, trees and animals daily, always visit your neighbor’s farms and most of all have fun while playing FarmVille.

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