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How is Hinging Tape Used in Photography Framing?

Hinging tape is one of the component parts used in framing a photograph. The major pieces that are used in framing include the picture frame, glazing, mat board and mount board. That, along with hinging tape, are what you need to give a professional, finishing touch to your fine art photography. If you happened to come across the Canon 80d lenses, you would know that even modern tech makes use of these.

Frames can be made of wood or metal, and come in a huge range of sizes. They can be ready made or custom made, and each have advantages. Ready made frames are always available, come in standard sizes and tend to be less expensive than custom frames. Custom frames are used for framing usually sized photos, and if a specialized moulding or coloring are needed.

Glazing is made of glass or acrylic. Glass is very scratch resistant, but heavy in weight. Acrylic offers conservation quality if preserving the artwork is important.

The artwork is sandwiched between the mount and mat boards. You have some choices when it comes to this part of the framing project. If you are framing an inexpensive photo that you do not plan on reframing, then you can simply apply adhesive to the back of the photo and glue it to the mountboard. If you wish to preserve your artwork to the highest standard, then you will want to use hinging tape. The hinging tape tapes together the top edge of the mat and mount boards. Then the photograph is placed in between them. The mat board keeps a bit of air space in between the glazing and the surface of the artwork, and it holds the photo in the proper position within the frame.

One popular brand of this specialized tape is lineco hinging tape. It comes in different varieties, including lineco self adhesive linen hinging tape and lineco linen hinging tape.

Lineco self adhesive linen hinging tape is very quick and easy to use. It applies in a similar fashion to Scotch tape, in that you cut off the appropriate length of Lineco self adhesive linen hinging tape and use it to hinge the mat to the mount board, or you can attach the artwork to the mount board if you prefer.

Linen hinge tape is quite popular. Some linen tapes are available in a gummed form. It utilizes a water-activated adhesive, so you cut off the appropriate length and wet it. The adhesive used in the Lineco linen hinging tape absorbs the water and becomes sticky. At this point you can apply it.

The Lineco hinging tape is also acid free. This makes it appropriate for archival-quality framing situations. Lineco hinging tape is soft and pliable, making it easy to apply in tight back to back situations.

You will want to keep a supply of your favorite hinging tapeon hand so that you will be ready to frame your favorite photographs.

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