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How Are You Going To Clean A French Press Coffee Maker?

For many coffee lovers, a french press is their favorite go-to coffee maker at all times. Once you have got your hands on a french press, you will probably use it regularly to make coffee several times in a single day. Just like any other device, your French Press will last longer and function more effectively if you keep clean it the right way.

But that does not mean you can clean it in any way you want to. There is a proper way to do so and today we will discuss the same with you. Our simple instructions will help you clean your French Press coffee maker in the most effective manner.

How To Clean a French Press The Right Way?

Before we show you the steps for cleaning your French Press machine, here are the materials you will need to clean the device –

  • Spatula
  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • Sponge and/or bottle brush
  • Baking soda (optional)
  • Vinegar (optional)

Directions For Cleaning

Follow all the steps that we have mentioned here –

  • Let the device cool – finish all the coffee that is available inside the coffee press and let the device cool down. Never start cleaning your French Press while it is still hot or warm. It will take around 30-35 minutes for the press to completely cool down and then start the cleaning process.
  • Empty the French Press – empty the press of any leftover that might be stuck at the base or sides. Use your hands or a Spatula in order to do so because using a spoon can increase the risk of breaking the glass around the body. Clean thoroughly and make sure there’s nothing inside.
  • Add soap and water – if you are in a hurry but still want to keep your French Press clean at all times, using soap and water is the most ideal solution. Just add a few drops of soap liquid inside the carafe and then add some water. Now use a plunger to plunge up and down until the whole of the interior gets soapy and filled with bubbles.
  • Rinse, scrub, and rinse again – once the interior is completely soapy, dump out the excess water and clean the interior by plunging once again. Scrub gently to make sure that you do not break or crack the glass. For safe cleaning use a soft sponge or a bottle brush to reach all corners. Rinse the press in water until all the soap comes out and the French Press is absolutely clean.
  • Clean with baking soda – if you want to get a cleaner French Press, then disassembling the whole device is the only solution. Read the manual of your device and carefully disassemble the press without losing or damaging any parts. Once all the parts are out, take some baking soda and water and turn them into a mixture. Once again use a sponge or soft brush to thoroughly scrub all the pieces and they rinse in clean water.

So, these are the steps that you will need to follow in order to keep your French Press coffee maker clean at all times and allow it to serve you for a much longer period of time. Visit HelixCoffee.com and check out a brilliant range of coffee and coffeemakers available at affordable prices.

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