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Home Security on a Budget

In these days where everyone is living on a tight budget, people tend to prioritize on what they really need. In terms of home security, only a few would only consider buying a security system for their homes. In reality, you don’t really need an expensive security system. You just need to change a few things at your home. We’ll start from the outside.

There are a lot of things that we should consider regarding the physical environment outside our homes.

First we should consider the placement of our emergency key. We usually leave our emergency key somewhere near the front door. That is a big mistake. Thieves and burglars know this beforehand. They will try to look for it around that door. The proper way to hide an emergency key is to place it away from the door as possible. Hide it in unnoticeable places that only you would know.

It is also common that we have our tools placed outside our homes. This can be a big mistake as well. These tools could aid the burglar in entering your house. We should think twice before leaving tools and other things outside our homes.

Proper lighting is also a key part of home security. A burglar would have second thoughts when your house is well-lit. Make sure to have lights installed on all the doors at the front and back. Also place some lights at the side if you think it can be vulnerable as well.

Apart from lighting, you can also try out the Battery powered security camera to make things better so that you can be alerted to the unwelcome presence of a thief or a burglar in the society not just in your house but of each and everyone in the surrounding area.

In line with proper lighting, you should also make sure your burglars have no place to hide from sight. This means trimming your bushes on time since these could provide hiding places for the burglar. Observe the place outside your home and look for things or objects that the burglars can hide in. You should make the proper adjustments in this case.

Our neighbors can also be a problem regarding home security. As you can see, the neighbors somehow have the idea of your schedule. He or she knows the time you usually go out and come back from work. A wise burglar could befriend your neighbor, pretending to be a salesman or a mailman. In doing so, the burglar would then find out when you are most vulnerable for a break-in. So how can we avoid this? You need to get to know your neighbor. Inform him/her about the risks of these impostors so that both of you can watch out for each other.

In terms of inside the house, there are minor changes that could definitely increase your security from burglars. First would be installing deadbolt locks in your doors. A normal door knob can easily be opened by the burglars. If you have deadbolts, that would cost him/her time. The next thing you should consider is having security locks in your windows. This again would be another obstacle for the burglar and would cost him/her more time. You should remember this important concept: The burglar would be hesitant when he/she knows that it would take time in robbing your house.

Now I have mentioned the important things that you should bear in mind if you want to protect your family and your homes without breaking the bank. These things wouldn’t cost you but it can definitely help you in the long run. These simple things can even save your life, and also your pocket.

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