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Heidi Montag’s Breast Implants Could Become Exposed

Heidi Montag’s breast implants might become exposed, and I’m not talking about in Playboy here. Us Magazine reports that Heidi Montag’s breast implants could cause the teeny tiny fembot to have a variety of horrible health problems, including neck and shoulder pain, a stooping posture, and significant drooping of the breast implants. But as painful as these health problems sound, they aren’t the worst price that Heidi Montag may have to play for her over-the-top plastic surgery procedures. So does she have the worst celebrity plastic surgery ever?

The Real Horror of Heidi Montag’s Many Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Joel Beck told Us Magazine that there’s a possibility that, as the skin tissue thins due to her breast implants, the implants could eventually erode through the skin, becoming exposed and requiring them to be removed. Fraken-Heidi, indeed! Another doc also told the magazine that there’s the possibility that Heidi Montag may no longer be able to breathe through her nose if her nostrils have been narrowed too much.

Heidi Montag Isn’t the Only Starlet with Breast Implant Trouble

While Heidi Montag’s breast implants have the potential to threaten her health and the possibility to make her look far worse than she did before because of droopage and thinning skin, Amy Winehouse’s implants are already making her life miserable.

Any time you hear of Amy Winehouse taking a trip to the hospital, an overdose may seem like the obvious reason for a stint in the ER, but her recent hospital visit was due to pain and discomfort she was experiencing due to her new breast implants. Luckily, she was allowed to keep them in…for now.

Other Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

Fortunately for Heidi Montag and Amy Winehouse, they aren’t the worst celebrity plastic surgery disasters out there (yet). Poor Tara Reid has some of the worst plastic surgery I’ve seen on a young celebrity, thanks to a bad breast implant job and a liposuction gone wrong that left her with the tummy of a 70-year-old-woman. And then there are many celebrities whose breast implants may have not been exposed through their skin, but they certainly look like they are trying to escape. Case in point: the extremely bizarre dent in one of Vivica Fox’s breast implants. There are also plenty of celebrities who overdo it with the lip injections like Jessica Simpson. Luckily, the damage done to this starlet’s face eventually wore off.

Will Celebrities Ever Learn From These Plastic Surgery Disasters?

It’s undeniable that Hollywood is an extremely looks-based world, with women feeling the need to look young and flawless in order to look their best for the camera. So, unfortunately, I don’t think Hollywood starlets will ever learn their lesson when it comes to extreme plastic surgery. But perhaps they could back away from the knife a little bit, opting instead for less invasive procedures like hyaluronic acid (a substance that naturally occurs in the skin) fillers. Of course, the best thing anyone in Hollywood could do would be to try and make it big with big talent instead of big breast implants.

Is All Plastic Surgery So Horrifying?

While many in Hollywood abuse plastic surgery and put their lives in danger, it can help others out there. Perhaps instead of spending her money on so much superficial plastic surgery for herself, Heidi Montag could have donated it to someone who really needs it, like a breast cancer survivor who needs reconstructive surgery; a child that was born with some type of facial or body disfigurement; or a burn victim in need of skin grafts. For people like this afraid to leave their homes because of the stares they get for looking so different, plastic surgery is a useful tool for making them feel better about being out in public and living their life to the fullest, but many can’t afford the extreme expense of the life-changing surgery.

So perhaps people like Heidi Montag need to learn to stop fretting over the small things about themselves that they dislike and realize that there’s far worse fates in the world than being born with a slightly imperfect nose and small breasts that looks for the Tummy tuck surgery in Michigan to make it more better to gain the right body mass index and to drain the unwanted fat. Let’s just hope it’s not too late for Heidi to make this realization; she’s already well on her way to a life of pain and the possibility of becoming the new Cat Lady.




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