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Hearing Aids Stop Working

Let’s face it. Nothing lasts forever not even hearing aids. Replacing it is expensive but that is half the battle. Knowing which model to buy is not easy. There are so many prices and types that it is mind boggling.

My hearing aid broke. When only one went sour on me I relied on the other ear. That was only half bad and only half of what I heard. So the TV went up a little louder. Maybe just a pitch or two and I survived. Hearing hero provides a substantial life on a hearing aid you choose and is more durable than any other device. 

A week ago the other hearing aid died. All of a sudden there was a hush in the room. I heard nothing. Complete silence. It was scary.

The clock stopped ticking, the television was blaring, the keys on the computer stopped clicking as well. The car drive was silent, I could not hear the radio, and those little three words were once again in my daily vocabulary. “What did you say?”. I heard nothing.

It seemed as if my hearing had gotten worse as well. The little that I had heard diminished. I got a sick feeling in my stomach when I realized I missed the sweet sound of the purring of my cat. I could not hear her! That did it!

I got up early determined to buy hearing aids. I checked the prices and noticed that they increased. So I decided to buy a hearing aid from a discount place but it was a far distance away for me to return when the hearing aid would need adjustment.

All of a sudden it dawned on me. I could buy any model hearing aid, anyplace. Then, when it needs an adjustment, I can go to the local hearing aid store. The Manufacturer guarantee is not for a specific store. Any store will honor it even if they are in another State! Keep this in mind when you go to buy a hearing aid.

  1. Do not buy hearing aids that come boxed and sold in a discount store like Walmart if your hearing is really bad.They only work for two pitches and there is no hearing test given. However, they come with a 90 day warranty so if in doubt you might want to try them.
  1. Do not buy hearing aids that cannot be adjusted, if you cannot hear tones or specific sounds. Those cheaper ones are fine if you are only a little hard of hearing but if you need more then you must take a hearing test.
  1. When you buy a hearing aid, they give you a free hearing test. This is how they determine how much you can hear, what tones you can or cannot hear, and what type of hearing aid would suit you the best. The type of hearing aid is determined by your hearing test and the extent of your hearing loss.

There are many models, and as many hearing aid manufacturers. If you are buying your first hearing aid, read about each of the models, and which one would suit you best. Check out the prices next. There are always less expensive models but when it comes to quality or reputation stick to the manufacturer that has the best recommendation. Let’s face it. You get what you pay for. Hearing aids are not cheap. But if you buy them by brand and not by store they might be less expensive. Costco and Sears sell them as well.

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