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Hand to Mouth: A View of Dentists in Toms River, NJ

In moving to a new area one has the challenge of finding the best medical and dental providers for their family. After landing in Toms River a few years ago, the following Dental groups were visited by various family members more than once each. This is what was found:

Advanced Dental, the smallest of the four Dental establishments, is located at 1302 Old Freehold Rd, and Dr. Jack G. Ranieri is the doctor I saw. This is a man who worked very efficiently, and I left the office knowing that I had been examined by a professional. Unfortunately my own dental health was less than ideal, and I had a particular problem that had progressed to a point of concern. Although this was uncomfortable for me, it was handled by the doctor in such a way so that I would realize the gravity of my situation. I was sent by the dentist to a specialist who resolved the problem that Dr. Ranierei had discovered. The phone number of Advanced Dental is 732-341-0077.

Subsequently my children went to Toms River Family Dental at 2224 Route 37 East. This is a larger group with several doctors and staff available. The cleanings and check-ups that were completed there came with no complaints. However, one of my family members had a negative experience. After being examined, she was told that she needed several root canals, with caps and additional fillings. The outlook was very grim. Fortunately these procedures were not necessary, and the overall condition of the patient ended up being much healthier than this Dental group’s diagnosis. Two of the dentists currently working there are Doctors Doreen Giaconia and Edward Poller. The phone number is 732-270-5566.

An even more professional office at 1358 Hooper Avenue is Shore Family Dental Association, and our experience there was more positive. They appear to have the latest technology, and are quite busy. The cleaning and checkup I received were fine, and I didn’t mind the half-hour wait after first arriving. The only problem was that lots of work was needed, according to their estimation, and this included three root canals. Perhaps this was an overly cautious finding, however, my sense was to get a second opinion, especially due to the volume of work being indicated. Nevertheless, this office appeared to be modern and efficient. They can be reached at 732-914-2224.

Finally my family and I found a Dental practice where we felt most comfortable, which is Group Dental Association, a little further south on Hooper Avenue at number 1200. The staff is very friendly, and even when the waiting room is full, I am usually seen quickly. While in the patient chair I am able to watch what I want on TV. Dr. Aiello is the dentist who has treated me, and although I’ve needed a good bit of work, he has explained the need for it to me very clearly and patiently. Fortunately I did not require as much repair as the prior group had recommended. In any case, the people I know, including myself, who have been to this group are quite satisfied. They are very professional and personable, and work in an efficient yet friendly manner. Plus they have a variety of new treatments for teeth whitening, deep cleaning and more. To reach them call 732-240-0045. Tell them I sent you.

For more information, I would strongly advise you to visit the site www.5stardentalclinic.com to find out more and more about the best dental clinics in your area.

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