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Halo Strategy Tailoring

If you find your strategy in any Halo game failing in almost every game, maybe it’s time to tailor it. This may look obvious but is easier said than done. Does this mean, if you die every time you die when you grab a close range weapon, to switch to a long range weapon? No, not always.

Strategy tailoring isn’t just coming up with the best strategy ever. There is an intense amount of detail in addition to that simple fact. While developing your new strategy, you must gain high amounts of skill in the area that your strategy covers. To perfectly tailor a strategy, you must think of the four important details that are key to designing any strategy worth remembering.

Your own skill. If you have no skill close range, don’t tailor your strategy to pick up a shotgun and give it to the enemy when they slaughter you medium range. This huge part of the strategy can make or break any battle. You are obviously an important part of your own strategy, but here are some other key components.

Your teammates. Stay with the same teammates over and over and eventually everyone will know the part they play. Communication plays a big role in the success of any team, so you can bet most generals have a microphone to speak to their teammates with. If you choose to go this route, make sure you are nice to your teammates and refrain from betrayals whenever possible.

Your enemies. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer, especially if you have a shotgun. Make sure you tailor your strategy to your enemies skill levels too. Start every match like your enemies are the best, and feel free to take it easy if you notice they don’t know what they’re doing. Tailor in to your strategy some hiding if you notice they have a skilled sniper, or staying in open areas should you see their shotgun man. Success will be close at hand if you watch what your enemy does and change your strategy accordingly.

Finally, the map. Memorizing entire maps will be helpful if you want to get your favorite weapon and hiding spot. If you’ve just started these games, don’t worry, as memorizing every map letter for letter will happen eventually. If you are new to the game, minimizing the amount of times you die will help your more experienced teammates so they don’t have to carry you. This will also raise the possibility for them to party up. Stay away from highly desired weapons in the beginning, as your teammates are probably better then you with it. If they pass by it, take it.

Keep in mind that tailoring the perfect strategy involves a perfect balance of skill and knowing where to go and what to do. Good luck developing the perfect strategy for your needs. You should rent a FiveM server from Fatality Servers so that you can play HALO online with your friends and family as well. You get a seamless gaming experience on these servers,

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