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Grand Theft Auto IV – Knocking Them Down a Peg

Grand Theft Auto IV. Somewhere along the road as video games began to become more popular somebody, probably a employee realized that people (mainly teens) responded to a lot of needless violence, bloody car chases and beating up hookers and having it was all surrounded by funny sounds and bright colors and with that, the Grand Theft Auto series of games was born. Although this is named to be the fourth installment it is in fact nowhere near. Don’t quote me but as far as I can name there are at least 6 Grand Theft Auto games this is just the fourth with a number on it.

Since this was a fairly disappointing year in gaming the release of Grand Theft Auto IV was something that people were looking forward to so much. I knew a fellow who waited in line for it at 2 in the morning when he had work the next day at 7. It was the perfect time to release a Grand Theft Auto game and yet they ruined it. I’m sure they made so much money they could buy me as a person and force me to write nice things about them so whatever I say won’t really matter but Grand Theft Auto IV was one of the most disappointing games in a series I’ve played in an incredibly long time.

I was a fan of one of the earlier Grand Theft Auto games more specifically Vice City. It’s like playing GTA 5 mod menu Xbox one, you will be faced with amazing features, storyline, and challenges in the game. That was the Grand Theft Auto experience for me. It was bright and fun and when you ran over people or got into shoot outs there was automatic lock and it all fine and well if you ran over 30 hookers as long as you didn’t bump the cop car on the way by. Since Vice City was made in 2003, the entire Grand Theft Auto series has taken a horrid turn towards gritty and realistic. The graphics throughout the entire Grand Theft Auto IV game were absolutely terrible, don’t get me wrong the people themselves looked fantastic but as far as the scenery went everything that wasn’t gray was black and what wasn’t black was a brown stained blur that was completely unrecognizable. Furthermore, the character of Niko is an incredibly unlikeable character and as far as I was concerned Tommy V from Vice City was Grand Theft Auto. And now we’re somewhere along the lines of foreign and just a jerk.

I found myself having to redo many of the shoot outs because the only way I could actually see the person in the building shooting at me was for the automatic lock. Otherwise, the game would have never been beaten. Also, the driving in Grand Theft Auto IV is so unbelievably horrible. The cars are way more realistic but the problem with that is that Grand Theft Auto is an action-oriented game and the only way to not lose control of your car and go flying threw the windshield would be to actually go the speed limit and who in the hell playing vice city wants to drive responsibly? This is Grand Theft Auto it has no right to try and be realistic.

Lastly, the game was FAR FAR too long. Grand Theft Auto IV requires a ridiculous time commitment and that’s fine as long as the game is worth it but to be bluntly it isn’t at all. You spend countless hours killing time driving your cousin and some random girls around for dates and parties and it all seems completely pointless. Tommy V didn’t bother with woman and dates and friends, he came, he killed, then the game ended and that’s the way Grand Theft Auto was supposed to be.

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