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Going to Green? So Are These Spas!

Every day you see more companies and people taking on the ‘green’ approach to a newer life to help the environment. The development of spas going green was brought to America by the Europeans who had much concern for the environment. The Green Spa Network has taken on an approach to help spas around the US go green and help the environment. The basis of Green Spa Network is to have people ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to saving our world. They’re taking a step to help spas become centers of wellness and healing. This medical spa in NJ is a great example of these eco-friendly spas that you can visit. Moreover, you will find that all the products that are used are natural, making this initiative beneficial to the environment.

Utilizing Green Spa Network is simply practicing the guidelines it sets to establish your spa as green. A green spa recycles any material when possible while still following safe practices. Conserve your energy by using solar energy. A green spa minimizes the use of chemicals and uses all-natural organic skin care products. A green spa is open-minded about following new policies and guidelines to keep them a green spa.

Not only is the spa benefiting, but the guest benefits as well. The green treatments you receive last longer because they’re using all-natural organic products that are filled with antioxidants. By the spa using fewer chemicals, your body is exposed to fewer toxins in the air making your experience a more harmonious one. By the end of your green spa experience, you are feeling rejuvenated and refreshed from toxins or pollutants. Everything is kept natural from the products they use to the procedures they implement.

To find a green spa near you, you can visit Green Spa Network for listings in your area. Even if some spas aren’t green, they are still implementing practices and procedures to help them change into a green spa. You can tell this by the natural organic products they use and the products they are selling. Their taking small steps to relying on the green to sell their products. In addition to the natural treatments you’ll be receiving, you’ll also experience green in the environment around you. The robes will be made from all-natural fibers, recycling cans will be in place of garbage cans, and throughout the spa natural light will take the place of energy-consuming lights. By taking these smalls steps, spas are slowing taking the approach to fully go green and allowing you to experience the difference.

Taking your green spa home with you to help you practice green is easy as well. Instead of using your regular hair care products, try switching to natural plant-based skin and hair products. Use cleaning products that have a tea tree or lavender oil base. Turn down or switch to natural light throughout your home. And most importantly is to begin recycling as soon as possible.

Spas are going green to help ensure a healthier experience for you. By switching to all-natural organic products, your treatments are lasting longer and benefiting your skin more. Your spa is not only helping the environment but they’re helping you stay healthier.

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