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Gillette Fusion: a Razor With Gumption

Free Gillette Fusion by Mail

It wasn’t until my son received a free Gillette Fusion razor in the mail that I considered buying anything other than a disposable razor. My son bragged on the razor considerably but I fluffed it and noted that his bragging was attributed to him being a novice at shaving. Then my daughter purchased a Gillette Fusion to shave her legs. Again, there was more bragging. I fluffed her kudos to the razor and guessed she was impressed because she too was a novice.

Shaving Complaints

After a couple of months, I no longer heard any great reviews until my husband tried the razor. Now mind you, this man has used an electric razor for years because he really hates to shave and has been unsatisfied with any razor he has tried. He has complained that the blades are quickly dulled, the shave is not close, or that the grip if the razor is awkward. Well, I fluffed his complaints off as grumbling over a chore that he hates to do.

Facial Hair

Just recently my husband was complaining, yet again, that his beard was really irritating him and he needed to shave. The trouble was that he grew his facial hair out for the huge hunting event. You know the event where they seek the large trophy deer. Since this is nearly a holiday in our home the preparation for becoming camouflaged begins with growing out facial hair a week or two prior to opening morning. Because his whiskers were so long he could not use his electric shaver so my daughter offered up her Gillette Fusion and changed the blade. The haarschneider will eliminate the need of going to the hair dresser. The money of the person will be saved through the use of the product. Different brands are present at online sites, the reviews can be checked for the selection of the best.

The Gillette Fusion Test

My husband ranted and raved so much about this razor that I decided to perform a test. I did the unimaginable for any woman. Why yes I did. Now as you read ladies do not cringe and men I did this for the sake of everyone who must shave! I DID NOT SHAVE MY LEGS FOR TWO WEEKS! I thought I would really put the Gillette Fusion to the test. Why yes! I had some inch long hairs, if not longer, on my legs! My legs itched so badly. I was so thankful that no one seen my legs (except for my poor hubby) but bound and determined I was to put test the Gillette Fusion razor!

Totally Impressed

I can swear upon a stack of Bibles, poke a needle in my eye hope to die that this razor EFFORTLESSLY shaved each and every single hair on my legs from ankle to knee cap with one swipe! The first swipe I took up my left shin completely amazed me. There was not a hair one left in that strip. I rinsed that razor and swiped again. In less than two minutes each hair (inch long and better) disappeared. Not only that, not one nick! That is the closest shave I have ever had.

Gillette advertises that the Gillette Fusion razor provides a shave with the comfort of 5 plus the precision of 1. The motto refers to the Fusion’s trademark of being equipped with a 5 blade shaving surface and a 1 blade precision trimmer blade for tricky places. The Gillette Fusion is also user friendly in that the shape and the handle grip are perfect.

While I will never let my leg hairs get that long again I can truly say that it was worth it to discover the awesome Gillette Fusion razor for myself. I can confidently recommend this razor to all consumers. Stay smooth with the Gillette Fusion.

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