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Getting Comprehensive Insurance for Your Classic Vehicle: There Are Many Rules You Need to Comply With

Finding car insurance for your classic and customer vehicle isn’t as easy as just calling any insurance company and asking to add the car to your policy. Nowadays, looking for a prestige car insurance offering excellent service and policies is very daunting and challenging. Aside from the facts that there are several options in the market, you also have to consider a lot of factors. There are many different rules and driving rules for classic car insurance. Many of the insurance company will not even consider insuring an antique car with full coverage if you are driving it daily. The insurance company I use will insure my antique cars for liability only but it’s impossible to get full coverage on the vehicles with them because they are driven daily. Because the values of many of the vehicles are high and the repair costs to get parts to repair these vehicles are high is probably the reason they have these special rules. The older the car the harder it is to find the parts to repair the vehicle. If you do find the parts you will pay dearly for them.

To get full coverage insurance on a classic, muscle car, antique vehicle they have certain rules that you have to follow before you can get full coverage on the vehicle. Many insurance companies require that you have your vehicle stored in a fully closed and locked garage. So you can not keep your vehicle in a locked enclosed garage you will not qualify for full coverage insurance. Your driving record will be looked at also. If you have DUI’s or several driving infractions on your driver’s license you may not be able to get the insurance. You must have another vehicle that you drive on a daily basis. Some will require you to have that vehicle in your name. The main requirement is the miles per year that you are permitted to put on the vehicle. If you drive it only several times a year you won’t have a problem with this requirement. They will allow you to drive to car shows, and functions and pleasure trips. But you can’t drive the vehicle to work or more than a few times a year.

While most people who own old classics do only drive the vehicle a few times a year to functions, others don’t show the cars and just like to drive the old muscle cars, these are the ones that are having problems getting full coverage insurance on their classic cars.

The other requirement that was required to get was a written appraisal of the vehicle to show the current price of the vehicle. This is usually a good idea to do anyhow even if your not considering getting full coverage insurance.

While you should have comprehensive insurance on your classic vehicle doing so will limit your ability to drive the car as you wish. If you want to drive the car more than just a few times a year you will have problems finding someone to insure it fully.

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