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Five Tips for Long Hair Care

Having long hair can do wonders to make you feel feminine while ensuring you never run out of things to do with your hair. However, growing your hair long isn’t always the easiest task. Your hair tends to take a real beating when it comes to styling and environmental factors. If you know you’d like to grow your hair long or you already have, it all begins and ends with proper hair care. Try the following tips to help you along.

  1. Get a trim regularly. Most salon professionals will tell you that a trim every six weeks is best but since everyone’s hair grows at a different rate, you may be able to wait an extra month or so. Keep an eye on your ends. Split ends are a real pain and will only slow the progress of your hair growth. If they get bad enough and you’re not able to get to the salon, try trimming the very tips yourself for a quick clean up.
  2. Do your best to avoid over styling. You may not think so but constant use of hairspray, back combing and heat is not good for your locks. It places them under a tremendous amount of stress. If health is what you’re after, limit the amount of product going on to your hair.
  3. Keep the use of heat and chemicals to a minimum. The amount of women that colour their hair has greatly increased over the years. Of course hair colour products have gotten increasingly better over time as well. Take care when using these products though, the chemicals inside are known for damaging hair and leaving ends brittle and prone to splitting. Sometimes the natural look is best. Avoid using too much heat as well. Though some products may attempt to convince you the danger is minimal, that just isn’t true.
  4. If you must dye your hair, colour your roots only when it comes time for a touch up. If you colour the entire length of hair every time your roots grow out you risk some serious damage on your tresses. By touching up the new growth only you save the rest of your hair from unnecessary trauma and stress.
  5. It can’t be said enough that good quality products are essential to the health of your hair. Going the cheap route may be easy on your wallet but if it’s long, flowing locks you desire then you’re going to have to upgrade. This doesn’t mean you have to hit the salon and shell out twenty bucks for a tiny bottle. It just means that you should do some product research and avoid the cheapest conditioner on the shelf. A great brush is just as important. The wrong brush could be stripping your hair and you won’t even know it.

Not everybody wants the responsibility of caring for long hair. It can feel like a real chore at times, especially for the thick haired lady. Make sure it’s a challenge you’re up to or you may wind up chopping it off out of frustration. A little extra care can go a long way when it comes to hair maintenance. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that if it doesn’t work out, it’ll grow back.

Just try out the above points and I am sure that you will get excellent results as they are tried and tested methods that you need to keep in mind so as to keep your hair neat and clean and I make this claim not because we are the largest laser hair removal company in Michigan but because of many years of experience in handling customers with grave hair problems with outstanding outcome and positive feedback from them.

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