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Health and Fitness

Fitness Diet- What Makes Models Tick

Fitness is a topic that is interesting and intriguing at the same time with many people aspiring to have a good physique that has to be the subject of envy for your own sex and one of admiration for the opposite sex.

While youngsters of today are more interested to get a fit body to make things work out with girls while others, more mature individuals, do the same because they have realized that the atmosphere outside is no less than a gas chamber and each intake of breath is akin to smoking around 50 cigarettes in a day.

They know full well that the situation is so serious that it will have long term side effects on the health and increasing age will only add fuel to the fire as by the time you reach 50, almost all your body parts are going to be on artificial replacements, citing the current scenario where you can find even children in the age group of 8-10 wearing huge magnified glasses, the result of the food and drink they consume and the oxygen they intake.

The Major Flaw In The Plan

It is quite obvious to get a well endowed body you need to sweat it out everyday in the gym with dedication and commitment and never allow that passionate fire inside you to extinguish and give after a few days.

This is the problem with almost 60% of the people who while wanting to have a good body and start off well, they are unable to cope up with the pressure and give up after a few tries.

Fortunately, those that refuse to give even after repeatedly encountering failure keep going without pause and eventually get the desired results, which is the case mostly with film stars.

You need to plan it all out strategically and be well aware of what all you can get and give up in the bargain but those who are unwilling to compromise on their favorite food, end up with no results.

What To Eat?

But, is that all? Are exercises enough to give you what you want? Or is there more to it than meets the eye?

No, you also need to follow a proper and strict diet in order to get the desired fit body with rippling muscles and, most importantly, your metabolism has to be strong so that the body responds to the nutrients it is taking in.

People are generally confused about what they have to eat and are unable to decide how and where to begin with. To give an example, I have a fit body myself and a lot of girls ask me how to pursue a career in fitness modeling, a testimony of my own hard work.

So, we are going to talk about the food that has to be consumed as a diet to get a muscular frame and they are as follows:

  • Oats: Quacker’s oats are the best thing to start off with for your morning breakfast, alongwith egg white and bacon sandwiches
  • Green vegetables like sunflower leaves, cauliflower, spinach and broccoli are thrown in for good measure when it comes to fitness food
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away and therefore, both red and green apples are nutritious fruits to keep your insides fit
  • Burn your fat with peanut butter, olive oil, walnuts and avocado
  • While non-veg is bound to increase your bulk, consume it for lean protein diet like chicken legs and turkey
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