CANADA – Everything Beside The Niagara Falls


CANADA Being a large country with few people, sitting close to the Polar Circle, Canada stirs a lot of curiosity and a handful of myths. Besides the Niagara Falls, Canada is famous for its excessively polite population, the delicious maple syrup and its obsession with hockey. Most people think of cold winters when they say Canada. It’s true the region has low temperatures during the winter, going lower than -10ᴼC, but they also have lovely summers.

You’d be surprised to learn Canada’s national sports don’t include just hockey, but also lacrosse (it’s up to you to decide whether this is a good thing or not). A Canadian invented basketball, which is a popular sport for them. Another stereotype says the locals think everything’s better with maple syrup and bacon. It’s hard to fight this prejudice knowing Canada produces 4 fifths of the global amount of maple syrup. However, the food they like the most is apparently mac and cheese — they are the world champions on this one.


Canadians have an incredibly harmonious balance between selfish attitudes and community guidelines. They appreciate solidarity, thus the everlasting politeness that made his people known. They drop the formalities very fast and want to make sure the persons around them are comfortable. At the same time, they pay respect to another’s privacy and strive for personal accomplishments. The locals are known for saying ‘eh’ and ‘aboot’ incredibly often in their sentences. This last one is absurd: Canada is home to many languages and has a vast number of francophone citizens.


As for sightseeing, the Niagara Falls is a must-see. The CN Tower has become a landmark for Toronto. For your stay, you can rest at Chateau Lake Louise, a hotel bordered by a glacier lake and the mountains. If you’re less conventional, a hostel offers accommodation in a jail. You can rest in the same place where convicts lost their life. Canada has many legends about lake monsters. They’re afraid of Sasquatch, which supposedly eats their beloved beavers. There are a considerable number of accidents because of animals roaming free, so don’t hesitate to visit the National Parks. Ottawa has many architectural artworks. You need to make some time for Saint Joesph’s Oratorio.

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