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Beware of the stolen accounts of Pokemon Go

The rising cybercrime

In today’s time of the internet, it is not a hidden fact that cybercrimes are also increasing at an alarming rate. Despite multiple layers of protection systems, the hackers cannot find the crack, which has caused huge investments in anti-theft systems. One of such instances is from the game Pokemon Go. Recently, a significant number of players have reported about their accounts being stolen and sold into the dark web. Read on to learn more, and select carefully on buy pokemon go accounts.

The current state

The following points highlight the shock given to the players currently:

  • Hacking of the accounts primarily that are not signed through Google account, or backed up with the Google Play Services.
  • Removal of the original data despite signing in as a new player.
  • Unauthorized gift, battle, trade, and other requests with the friend list further the infection on the entire network. 
  • Unwanted account deletion requests to the primary server, where it was requested to delete the user data completely.

With all of these points, it became a point of concern for Niantic, and they started monitoring the sales of buy pokemon go accounts.

Things to look at

Though such attacks are surprising, they can still be prevented with suitable techniques. The following highlight the important ones:

  • Backing up the game account with the original email account so that it becomes easy for retrieval.
  • Following the two-point authentication to safeguard the details and ensure that no breach happens to the sensitive data.
  • Avoiding open offers like buy pokemon go accounts, and checking the source of such (to authenticate if they are true or put up by these hackers).
  • Notifying the Niantic customer care immediately in case of any anomaly.

Therefore, it has become necessary to maintain safety and play such games cautiously.

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