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Best Things To Do When You Are In Miami

Locals and tourists who have visited Miami, do agree to the fact that, the city offers a wide range of recreational activities to indulge in. Apart from exploring the pristine beaches of this region, there are several other fun and exciting things you need to do when you are in Miami. Let us take a look at them in today’s blog. Looking for the best clubs in Miami? Then you need to keeping reading our blog to know more.

visit Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

one of the most popular attractions in Miami, the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is a extravagant villa which is built in the Italian Renaissance-style. The place is surrounded by lush greenery and hoards of green bushes all around. The picturesque gardens and beautiful surroundings makes it the perfect place to spend a few hours with your loved ones. The entire area is over 43 acres.

Hang Out At The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science 

if you are a science freak, then the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami is the perfect place for you. There are several fun and exciting installations in the museum including a “Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature” and 500,000-gallon of Gulf Stream aquarium. The aquarium consists several species of fish and other aquatic creatures. There are four different wings in the museum – Aquarium, Frost Planetarium and North and West Wings. 

Eat At The Versailles Restaurant 

the Versailles Restaurant is the best “Cuban Cuisine” restaurant in the whole world. It is open for most part of the day and you can try out some really delicious dishes here. Toasted cuban sandwiches, coffee, Shrimps in coconut sauce and Medianoche are a must try when you are at this restaurant. They also have a bakery just beside the eatery.

Drink Beet At Wynwood Brewing Company 

if you are a beer lover, and love to taste different kinds of beer from around the world, then head to the Wynwood Brewing Company to get a taste of the locally crafted Miami beer. There are other delicious dishes to try out when you are here. You would want to visit the place during the Growler Hours from noon to 1pm, to save a few extra bucks on your food and beer every time.

Explore The Deering Estate 

built by James Deering’s Brothers, this vast property offers you a break from the busy city life. The premise of this estate is surrounded by verdant greenery which leads to the arrival of several species of birds and different animals. You can go for birdwatching or sit and relax at one of the parks. Inside the building, you will get to see 50,000-year-old bones and also several remains of humans dated at least 10,000 years old.

Witness The Murals At Wynwood Walls 

did you know that Miami has some brilliant murals up for view for the tourists and locals? No? Then head to the Wynwood Walls, to witness more than 40 exquisite and beautiful murals drawn by world renowned painters and artists. It was launched during Art Basel and the murals change every year during when the event takes place.

Shop At The Lincoln Road 

if you are a shopaholic, then visiting Lincoln Road is a must. Morris Lapidus designed the place in 1950s and now it is buzzing with variety of stores, boutiques, and shops of international brands. The endless road will surely catch your eye and make you want to shop for different items throughout the day. The legendary Colony Theatre is situated here at the Lincoln Road.

Enjoy Your Night At The Nightclubs 

when you are in Miami, hanging out at one of the city’s nightclub is a must. There are several options available like the E11even, Story, Liv are some of the best places that you can dance through the night and make some great moments. The Nightclubs in Miami attract a lot of crowd every night and you can also get your hands on delicious cocktails and champagnes all the time.

So, here are the top things which you need to do in Miami when you are in this city. Check out our blog and note down the top locations which we have mentioned above.

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