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Baby’s First Birthday Cake Ideas – Wonderful message delivering and party organizing themes

That first year just seemed to fly by, didn’t it? So many wonderful memories, and such a special occasion. You can just slap any old party together for your baby’s first birthday. This is a once in a lifetime celebration! It has to be special, it has to be unique and personal! But how do you find just the right cake with the right theme?

Basic Considerations

Cake flavors should be mild and not too sweet. Consider using a whipped cream frosting instead of a sugar based icing. Choose yellow or white cakes as little taste buds are often sensative, and chocolate allergies are the most severe in babies. Make sure your cake involes the colors you would like – if you want pastels at your party don’t do a clown cake in vibrant primary colors!

Finding A Theme

1) Cartoon Characters – My daughters first birthday party had a Barney theme. Remember that big purple dinosaur that was all the rage way back when? Finding a current cartoon character that your child loves is a perfect way to determine your baby’s first birthday party cake theme. What better way to celebrate than with a cartoon character they already love and adore (and probably even own in stuffed animal form!) A further bonus is that a quick search on the internet will yeild tons of places that can sell you all sorts of character themed party supplies for your chosen character. Current popular characters that would be eqully good for a boyr or girl include: Little Einsteins, Harry Potter, Sesame Street Characters.

2) Holidays – If your child was born on, or very near, a major holiday you may want to consider incorporating that into your cake as a theme. Valentines day, Christmas, and New Years are three that stand out as excellent cake themes. A Valentines baby could have a hearts, kisses and love theme. A Christmas baby could be touted as “the best Christmas present we ever got!” A New Years baby could be celebrated with a cake featuring streamers, confetti, and fireworks! Of course, if you are Irish and your child was born on St. patricks day – you can bring out the shamrocks and go for it! The important thing is to find what has meaning for you!

3) Seasons – I know a lady named Summer and a lady named Autumn. Now had they been born during said seasons, what more perfect cake theme could you think of! Spring or Summer could involve flowers, and a “growing” motif. Autumn could involve multi colored leaves and fall harvest. Even if you havent named your child after a season, the one they were norn in would still make a very unique theme for a wonderful cake.

4) Sports – Do you have a baby who doesn’t suck on a pacifier, but uses a football instead? Or is your child stuck like glue to the television during basketball or ice skating season? Do they own several jerseys of their favorite team? Then make them a sports themed birthday cake and watch their eyes light up! Anything goes for either a boy or a girl: football, baseball, ice skating, hockey, soccer, you name it!

5) Animals – Children often have an early fascination with certain animals. I had a friend who’s daughter loved horses. She also liked unicorns, pegasus – anything “horse like.” Her first birthday party was a unicorn theme. Other animals to consider can be dogs, cats, rabbits, bears, and turtles. Best of all they would be good for a boy or a girl!

The most important thing to remember when planning your childs first birthday cake is to make it as personalized to him or her as possible. Look around your childs room at the stuffed animals that are their favorites. The things present in the room should convey Birthday Wishes For Son at the particular date. The theme should be applied as per the taste of the child. Take their favorite videos into account, the television shows and cartoons they just can’t miss. Make the cake something that they would personally enjoy, and a unique expression of who they have grown up to be!

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