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Amazing AFK Arena Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

Lilth Games have developed a brand new game for the mobile gamers in a RPG format and has named it AFK Arena. This RPG adventure game allows you to lead a party of loyal heroes and soldiers to progress through a massive campaign. You will also need to play through different levels of the horrifying Dark Forest and make full utilization of the mechanics of Ranhorn. The AFK Arena game is very interactive and allows the gamers to enjoy a wide variety of features and fun challenges throughout the storyline.

 If you just downloaded the game and can’t wait to play, make sure to check our AFK guide and read these amazing tips and tricks related to it.

Best AFK Arena Tips and Tricks

Here is a list of some amazing tips and tricks of AFK Arena which we believe will help you enjoy the game in a more interactive manner – 

Upgrade your heroes only after they destroy each of the opposition in a battlewhen you move on through the game, you will amass a lot of new heroes at different stages. You can select a maximum of 5 heroes for fighting in each battle. Now make sure to put the most leveled up superheroes at the frontline and the agility and intelligence-based heroes in the backline. As the battle rages, upgrade your heroes only when all the opposition is completely destroyed.

Make sure to trek through the campaign till the time you unlock the other modesin the AFK Arena game, you will be given the task to play a lot if PvP battles where you will need to ascend on the floor to battle with a lot of enemies. As you keep playing, a lot of battle modes and bounty quests will be unlocked. But before you do any of that you will have to complete some specific stage that are present in the campaign. Stick to completing those stages at first, once you have done a lot of them, majority of the side missions will be unlocked for you to play.

Go for the “Summon 10” Option While Recruiting New Heroes For Your Teamyou can summon brand new heroes to your team when you take a trip to “The Noble Tavern.” You will have a lot of different ways to recite new characters and heroes with the help of various collectibles. However, make sure to wait always till the time your pocket have a hefty amount. Then you will be able to spend much more at one go instead of spending in titbits. When you have a lot of bounty, you will be able to use the Summon 10 option as well. This is an ideal way of recruiting 10 heroes at the same time. It is a much better way of recruiting new heroes in AFK Arena than spending your bounty money on those who are not worth it.

Reset The Common Heroes at “Rickety Cart” and Make Use Of Them On High Tier Heroes when you have different heroes organized in your army, there are chances that some cards do come in common. Lot of gamers receive two or more cards of the same hero at different stages of the game. However, the best heroes are the ones who have a Rare or Elite rating. So what are you going to do with the common cards? Take a trip to the Rickety Cart and reset all of your common heroes. By doing so you will be able to get back a lot of new resources and use them to upgrade your higher tier heroes even more. This will provide you with much better cards and power.

Visit Temple of Ascension When You Have 3 Copies of The Same Herowhen you have a stack of exact same recruited superheroes, it helps you to get a much better raising in the Ascension Levels. When you have the copies of the heroes make a trip to the Temple of Ascension and here you can sacrifice the two unleveled copies of the same hero to make the properly leveled up even more stronger.

Get Relics That Help To Boost Your Health and Defense and Use Assistant Heroes The Dark Forest is the home to “Arcane Labyrinth,” and it is a challenging grid-based battle mode which is available to the players every 48 hours. When you complete the mission, after every successful grid and battle, you will be given the opportunity to open chests and gifts that you will be able to use to boost relics. These relics are going to help you boost your health or defense and play with much more power and impact. At the same time, take full advantage of the assistant heroes who are available while raging a battle with enemy.

So, here are the top tips and tricks which you will need to keep in mind while playing AFK Arena right on your mobile devices.

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