Visit to Joyous Joshimath Near Badrinath in India

Most of the Hindus would have completed the famous four dhams pilgrimage in India. However, there will be very few people who would have visited and stayed at some rare [ … ]

Amazing Ideas For Enjoying The Beauty Of The Chiapas, Mexico

Mexico is constantly ostracized for many of the crises it’s facing (drug problems, subsequent kidnappings, economic inequity), but it’s also important to give it credit for some of the wonders [ … ]

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Great Diy Tips And Hints For Installing Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions installed along with a chandelier light fixture are a great way to add some architectural elegance to your home. A lot of newer homes built in the last decade don’t have a lot of accents within the rooms, so this is an easy and low-cost way to add some. The medallions, which are being manufactured today, are very light weight and made mostly out of plastic. The older style used to be made out of plaster. While these are still available for ease of installation and safety the newer plastic types are recommended for installation. An important consideration in a ceiling medallion project is to properly size the medallion to the lighting fixture that it will be used with. You generally want to select a ceiling medallion with the same approximate diameter as the light fixture where you are going to install the medallion.

The process of installation is really easy if you follow these steps:

First – turn off the breaker or electrical power to the lighting fixture. Test the fixture with an electrical tester to ensure that the power is indeed off before you begin to disassemble the fixture.

Remove the mounting plate of the lighting fixture.

Unscrew the wire nuts, pull the wires apart (making note of their locations so you can reconnect them later). Disconnect the lighting fixtures suspension chain and remove the fixture.

Next thread the wires through the hole in the very middle of the medallion. Make sure that when you do this that the decorative side isn’t facing up towards the ceiling.

Reconnect the electrical wires – being sure to put them back just as you originally disconnected them. Reconnect the fixture to its chain.

Put a ring of adhesive on the back of the medallion. You can use a good constriction adhesive (like liquid nails) or even adhesive caulk. Make sure that you don’t put too much adhesive on – or this will leave a noticeable gap around the medallion. Also make sure that you don’t put too much, because it will have a tendency to leak out around the medallion.  For helpful tools like impact driver in doing this project, you can visit https://www.impactdriverguide.co.uk/dewalt-impact-drivers.  This website offers the right impact drivers for DIY projects at home.

Press the medallion to the ceiling, making sure to keep the hole centered in the medallion. Using the provided screws or nails, attach the medallion to the ceiling.

For a finished look caulk the edge of the medallion, and fill in the screw holes with a tiny amount of Spackle. When dry, you can paint the medallion.

For safety – make sure that the lighting fixtures electrical connections are put back correctly; otherwise-personal injury or fire can result. If you have any questions about any electrical connection, it is best to consult a licensed certified electrician. Also be sure to check on local building codes. Some codes require that the electrical junction box above the light fixture be accessible at all times. If you live in an area with this requirement – just select a medallion that has a bigger center hole – so as not to cover the electrical junction box.

When finished enjoy your new bit of style with your new ceiling medallion.

Defining Business Requirements for success

Developing requirements for software development can be an interesting and revealing experience for business stakeholders, if it is approached in a creative fashion. The main prerequisites for the definition of requirements must be an open mind set and a collaborative attitude. It is possible for a project to get bogged down in the requirements phase, this can be avoided by being flexible and creative. One process that can quickly lead to conflict is an attempt by ‘requirements analysts’ to elicit a list of requirements which have to be signed off by the stakeholders. A sensible approach to requirements should use a process of discovery and should work to actively resolve conflict before it occurs.

The first step in requirements must be to find the true purpose of a proposed piece of software that is to be developed or enhanced. This is the business ‘End’ that the software satisfies, which may be a complex mix of market research or may be a more straight forward set of business goals. The goals of the system are the primary requirement and should be stated in business terms. Attempts at this stage to inject technical terminology should be avoided, for example avoid statements that say ‘Each customer must have a unique number’, when what is meant is that ‘Each customer must be uniquely identified’.

The goals of a system can be loosely classified under headings such as ‘Better’,’Faster’ and ‘Cheaper’, and the classifications can be explored to expose requirements of quality and cost effectiveness. Once these Business Requirements have been established the next steps of business analysis can take place. A new computer system will not solve issues with business process, the business process itself must be re-engineered and then a set of requirements can be put in place to implement the new process.

The project planning process can be used to control the development of requirements, there are stages that can be signed off by common agreement, this must be a joint decision between the business stakeholders and the process analysts. A sign-off of business requirements indicates that both the stakeholders and the process analysts are satisfied that the requirements are sufficient to move on to develop functional requirements which are the means of achieving the stated business goals. To meet the development goals of the organizations, the use low code application will be beneficial. For further information, a contact can be made at the https://www.wavemaker.com/low-code-app-development-platform site through the person. 

The completed business requirements will indicate the expected benefits to the business of the completed project, which will also lead to a reasonable estimate of the size of the budget for the project. Business requirements can also address the business risks, which can be taken up as part of project governance and the business case.

Business requirements are only the first step in developing or redeveloping software solutions; correctly addressed. these requirements both describe, and enable the achievement of, business goals.

The Bhrigu and His Time Less Horoscopes

Those people who have delved in astrology will know that the central pivot around which this science revolves is the Horoscope. The horoscope is a chart that lays down the planetary positions at the time of birth. It is also called the natal chart. It is divided into 12 houses; each house is supposed to represent a particular trait, phase or aspect of a human beings life. Horoscopes may be in any form but the basic principles are the same as they position the planets in the various houses at the time of birth.The saint Bhrigu is supposed to have cast all known horoscope combinations a long time ago. An aspect that has often not been given the importance it deserves is that the horoscopes cast by the saint are relevant even today. The work of the saint Bhrigu is thus the very anti thesis of western astrology.

Bhrigu is a shadowy figure and not much is known about his personal life. He perhaps lived much before the Vedic age. But he is credited with formulating horoscopes of all human beings in the universe. These horoscopes are supposed to have been cast by the saint many thousands of years ago. However only a limited number of them have survived centuries of destruction, particularly by the Muslim invadors.This aspect that anybody who lived many thousands of years back can cast a horoscope for a man living in the present age is the most difficult thing to digest. But it is a wondrous feat and as we say the proof of the pudding is in its eating so it is for the horoscopes cast by Bhrigu.

A portion of these horoscopes are available at a place in the Punjab at Hoshiarpur. This is medium sized town about 45 km from Jullundur on the Delhi Amritsar rail line. The original custodian of these horoscopes was Pandit Desraj.After his demise the horoscopes have been divided among the sons and I am sorry to say a certain amount of malpractices have crept in. Mrs. Satish Janardhanji referred to as Mataji is the principle custodian of these horoscopes and resides at Railway Mandi in Hoshiarpur.

The saint Bhrigu is supposed to have cast horoscopes for all available human beings on earth. As only a fraction have survived the ravages of time, you have to be lucky to come across your horoscope .But in case you visit Hoshiarpur and your horoscope is located the findings are nothing short of wonderous.The horoscope will detail your father’s name, your name and your sons/children’s names. It will also relate the past events in your life as well as forecast the events likely to occur in the future.

There are many people among them a lot of westerners who have visited Hoshiarpur and been lucky to find their horoscopes there. They have benefited a lot from the forecasts .It must be mentioned that the horoscopes are written in Sanskrit and they will have to read out and translated to you by the priest or custodian of the horoscopes. The procedure of locating the horoscopes is simple. When you reach the granthsthan (place where the Horoscopes are kept) you will have to hand over your birth details and place of birth. The horoscopes will then be sifted and your horoscope may be found after a few hours or even months of search. In case you are lucky you can listen to the events of your life straightaway but in case the horoscope is not found then you will have to come back later. The custodian will inform you when your horoscope is found and you can come down and listen to the revelations.

The horoscopes not only forecast the future but lay down rituals and mantras that can help ward off any evil or bad effects in the future. This again will appear anathema to a rationalist- but then astrology itself defies any rational explanation. All we can say is that this science is still to be studied and may be at some distant point in time in the future the mysteries of the Bhrigu, his forecasts and astrology will be unraveled. In the future, there will be ابراج اليوم in the life of the person if they follow the terms and words of astrology. Proper explanation should be provided to the person about the astrology and horoscope.

Horoscope icons

No More Shaved Heads! A Gentle Plea for the Return of Men’s Hair

Has anyone else wondered at the vast popularity of the most anti-hair hairstyle for men– the shaved head?

First, let me apologize to all those who already have shaved heads, as do many of my male friends. I mean no insult by saying that though you look fine, it would be nice to see your hair.

I don’t know exactly how the shaved-head trend got started, but it seems to have gotten stuck. Is it not time to move on and to bring back the color, texture, sensuality and personality evinced by hair?

Boys and men of all ages now share what was once thought to be an extreme fashion. This unusual multigenerational agreement on style may be due to the unique benefits of head shaving for young and old alike: For the boys, teens and young men, who emulate shaved-headed TV and sports heroes, the no-nonsense military look carries a certain attitude of toughness. For some men who just never knew what to do with their hair, it was a radical and simple solution– just eliminate it. For many middle-aged and older men, the shaved head trend solved the problem of male pattern baldness in that it equalized those who were and were not bald by nature. Thus, if you have shaved head, you no longer have to worry on how to cut your own hair. 

There is nothing wrong with any of the above listed reasons! However, much, too, can be said of seeing men’s hair, whether it completely covers their heads or not. Hair adds an enormous degree of definition to a face and helps to establish one’s visible identity.

Quite frankly, many young men with shaved heads seem to look very much alike. They probably do not realize this when they look in the mirror and see their own familiar face, but to the rest of the world, their shaved head makes them look somewhat anonymous by removing an element of color and shape from their faces.

The aesthetics of hairstyles certainly do characterize an era, especially to those who are just coming of age. By the time I was a pre-teenager, the Beatles had grown out their hair and had beards. Beards together with long hair had a particular appeal to my generation. This refusal to cut one’s hair carried an aura of sensuality and freedom which stood in direct opposition to the tightly controlled and cropped Brill-creamed conformity of the 1950s.

Thus, It would be wrong for me to assume that the shaved male head does not have as strong an appeal to young women today as long hair and beards had to us back them.

What does perplex me is that the shaved head has truly defied the usual cyclical demands of fashion and commerce and has remained with us for so long. As we all know large eyeglasses of a few years ago gave way to tiny eyeglasses and are now morphing into moderately sized glasses of today. Thus the population is lured into shifting their inner aesthetic and spending some money on new glasses (or shoes or dresses or the like). Why has it taken so long for the shaved head look to be shifted away from by the commercial powers that be? Are their not men’s hair products, nutrients and accessories waiting to be purchased by a whole population of men who are beginning to grow out their hair?

I offer the following prediction: In the next five years, the appeal of men’s hair will return, perhaps even long hair, along with some heretofore unthought of hair accouterments. And perhaps beards be back as well. And though it will only be another passing trend, at least for a while the combination of hair on the head and face will be though by many, and particularly by the young, to be much cooler than the shaved head of today.

Best Portable Water Filters

Surely, there are several brands of portable water filters out there. From Berkey vs Propur to countless products in the market, choosing the right one can be daunting. So to help you out, here are some of the best options:

Etekcity 1500L Emergency Camping Equipment

Etekcity 1500L portable water filter is one of the best options in the market. It is very easy to transport because of its lightweight. This water filter has been proven to be one of the best in the market and it meets the standards of EPA Water Quality. It has a pre-filter and antibacterial activated carbon that removes 99.99 percent of waterborne bacteria like cholera, salmonella and E.coli. It has also a lot of positive feedback and reviews on Amazon. 

Nakii Long-Lasting

Another great portable water filter is the Nakii long lasting filter. It can beasily placed on top of cups or pitchers to provide filtered water. It can reduce 98 percent of mercury, chlorine, sediment, rust and suspended particles. It also reduces limescale and harshness in order to make sure that you will have fantastic and healthier water. The filter lasts for around 150 gallons of water. It has also some great reviews online and a lot of customers agree that it is really great and ideal for filtering large quantities of water. This filter goes for around 23 USD on Amazon.


IDEAPRO emergency camping personal water filter straw is another great tool that you may want to consider specially if you are a hiker or camper. This brand has a double filtration system. It is very handy so hikers can easily bring this. This water filter has the capacity to filter up to 1,500 liters of water. It can eliminate harmful contaminants such as legionella, coli bacillus, chlorine, metal ions, volatile organic compounds and insect contaminants. This can also be sued on tap water, ponds, lakes and among others. It comes with a foldable water pouch and straw. 


Another water filter that is very easy to use is the LifeStraw. It works just like other straws which means that you can just easily place it right into the source of water. This filter has the ability to remove 99.00 percent of waterborne bacteria. It also passed the EPA standards for water filters. In addition, without using chlorine or iodine, this product can filter up 1000 liters of contaminated water. This product has also a lot of positive reviews and feedback on Amazon. Some reviewers say that they have used this product for 3 years before it stopped working. 

Soma 6-Cup

Last in our list but not definitely the least is the Soma 6-Cup water filter. This product is quite different from other brands because it is the only one with 100 percent plant based filtration system and uses coconut shell carbon. So if you want to go green, this product is certainly the best option. This filter comes in a ten and six cup version. It has the ability to reduce chlorine, cooper and mercury in water.

Here Is The Real Truth About HYIP Source

High-yield investment program or commonly known as HYIP is an investment scheme that generally promises to deliver very high quality interest to it’s investors on the investments made. Many of these schemes can even promise to deliver atleast 100% return at the end of term. That is why a lot of people fall prey to scams and fraudulent companies. However, not all the companies that offer HYIPs are scams. There are many which also gives attractive prospects to make real good money. But it is on your part to choose the one which one you should invest in. 

Apart from getting paid to click ads, you can really make some good money from home if you have the right knowledge and understanding of HYIPs. Let us discuss about it in today’s blog.

Important Discussion Regarding HYIPs

HYIPs are usually available online and most of them have their official websites. The biggest worry about investing in A HYIP is that you can actually loose the whole lot of your money if the HYIP shuts down due to any particular reason. In order to mitigate this risk, you will have to diversify your investments in HYIPs. This will reduce the risk of losing the entire money if suddenly one of them gets shuts the next day. Not only that, but investing your money in different HYIPs allows you to enjoy the benefits of investment in various sectors of the industry.

In order to invest your money, you must find out good HYIPs first. HYIP rank and monitor websites can help you get hands on authentic HYIPs where you can invest your money. They have a very catered list of HYIPs that are reliable and worth an investment. Inspite of that, your profits and principles are never under guarantee. That is why you must always keep the risks in mind before your commit a set of money into it.

Even though you cannot expect a whole lot of genuine or very reliable information from the internet at all times, they are still worth a read. They will help you to expand your knowledge, improve your ability to understand the truth and which is false. This can be really beneficial while selecting different kinds of HYIPs. If you want to become a successful HYIP investor, it is important that you monitor different elements. The more you inspect, the better you understand.

How does a HYIPs actually work?

HYIPs promise you to pay very high returns on the investment you are going to make. This can be any amount that you are willing to spare. While banks will provide you with a return rate of 6.5%, and HYIPs tells you that they will provide with over 3000% return per month. That sounds absolutely ridiculous, isn’t it? Well, it is. These are the cases you should be absolutely stay away from. For an opportunity to earn good and genuine returns, you need to find HYIPs that are more believable and have a reliable reputation. A lot of naive investors fall in these traps and in the process loose a hell lot of money.

Should You Invest in HYIPs?

Well, that is a very personal decision which you will have to take considering a lot of various factors. If you can really keep up to date with the latest news, track company records and follow strict guidelines regarding investments, then you might consider putting your money in HYIPs. Not many people can make huge amount of profits from this medium, but you must be optimistic about your goals if you want to make this possible. Don’t forget to cash on the investments that you have made if you see that it has already doubled or performed well. Greed, in this industry can really lead you to huge losses.

More importantly, you will have to research and find out genuine and licensed HYIPs that are not anywhere close to fraudulent. Check out with other people and experts and consult with them about which HYIPs you can invest in. HYIPs are very risky and a single mistake can cost you a whole lot of money in the long run. That is why we recommend you to keep reading our blog for knowing further about HYIPs and other aspects.

So, here’s everything you would want to know about HYIP sources and investments. Keep reading and learning to know more diversified information regarding the HYIP investments.

Convention Panels as Marketing Tools

If you regularly attend conventions or trade shows that feature panels or seminars, you can use them to grow your customer base. In most industries, the bulk of convention programming is conducted by exhibitors and attendees. All you have to do to get your panel on the schedule is contact the event coordinator (contact information can be found in mailings or on the show’s web site) and make sure you meet the submission deadlines. While extremely large conventions may charge for the use of space and facilities, in most cases it doesn’t cost anything to run a panel. The show gives you space in exchange for the added programming. Some conventions will even pay you for running panels in the form of free admission, credits toward booth space, or complimentary hotel rooms.

When deciding the topic of your panel, it’s important to choose a subject that will appeal to your target demographic, but won’t just bring in existing customers. One common error I see at gaming conventions are panels like “What’s Happening At Company X” or “All About New Product Y.” These types of panels only bring in people who are already interested in the company or product being touted. While such preaching to the choir might be good for the ego, it does little to grow the customer base.

General interest topics that play to the strengths of your product will attract attendees who aren’t already aware of your company. For example, my company (Hex Games) produces games that are simple to learn and use, so we focus on panel topics like “Introducing Newbies to Role-Playing” and “Gaming for People on the Go.” When you advertise a general-interest panel topic, make sure that’s what you deliver. Attendees who come to the panel expecting advice on a particular subject and get a one-hour advertisement for your company will be put off by the bait-and-switch tactic. Keep the reference to your products subtle and topical, using them as examples to illustrate your points.

Most people don’t enjoy sitting through a 45-minute commercial followed by a brief question and answer session, especially when the subject of the presentation isn’t precisely what they were hoping to learn from the panel. Audience participation lets the audience guide the panel towards the topics they want to learn more about, and makes them feel like they’re engaging in a discussion among equals rather than listening to an expert pontificate from on high. After briefly introducing yourself and the panel topic, you should ask the audience what they came to the panel to learn and what their ideas are on the subject. If the audience doesn’t immediately respond, have some talking points prepared to fill the dead air. After each point, go back to the audience for questions and ideas. Eventually, the audience will start participating and your job shifts from presenter to discussion moderator. Search Engine Optimisation Services will provide answers to all the questions of the marketing for the business. The ideas will be beneficial to provide an excellent design to the websites of the business person.  

Panels are a great marketing tool, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on traditional advertising. Conducting a panel about a topic that is of general interest to your demographic allows you to introduce potential customers to your product. Encouraging audience participation makes you–and by extension, your company–seem more approachable, which translates to more booth traffic. Standing up in front of an audience and leading a discussion might be nerve-racking at first, but after a few times you’ll get used to it (and better at it).

Diamond Painting- A Healthy Choice to Keep your System in Good Shape

When it comes to talent and skills, the entire planet is replete with artists galore who have established their credentials in some form or the other where some have gone beyond one particular skill and are termed ‘Jack of all trades master of many’, which is a testimony as to how far a human being can go.

Painting is also an excellent skill and we have a great example like MF Hussein that has set the bar high on a global level for others to follow in his footsteps and this form of artistry is easily liked by both masses and classes.

However, what if you were told that painting is a tool that can keep your health in good shape? Yes, most are astounded to even fathom a statement like this because in order to keep your system in good health, you need to eat and drink healthy but how on earth can paint be eaten?

Unique Study

It is true that paint cannot be consumed in anyway but that does not mean that it cannot keep your body safe from being a home ground for various diseases and ailments.

Diamond Painting is a new phenomenon that is slowly establishing its dominance over other art forms where many people have expressed their interest in trying it out for themselves and for good reason.

Painting as an art form has been popular since time immemorial but not some of its subsets which include diamond painting which is no rocket science but easy if you continue to practice this art form on a regular basis.

It has been found that small children who are prodigies right from a young age are excited to see colors and most of them are inclined towards paintings as many of them catch their attention and arouse the curiosity in them.

Diamond painting has been declared as one of the best art forms in a unique study conducted by painting experts that include eminent historians who have come to the conclusion that it gives you hours of enjoyment as you showcase your expertise in this field.

Health Factors

Regarding the role of diamond painting in keeping you in good health, there are certain points to support this argument and they are as follows:

  1. We are living in a busy world and have little time for leisure but dedicating a few hours to diamond painting helps to not only hone your skills but reduces tension, stress and anxiety to a great extent giving the mind a sense of deep bliss
  2. Diamond Painting is one art form that needs a lot of concentration so people who are unable to do so while studying can practice it on a regular basis so as to increase your focus level on the task at hand
  3. Everyone is fond of paintings so once you start posting them on social media, it will help you to create a platform where you have friends and admirers galore, which boosts the self confidence to a whole new level
  4. You can have painting kits from https://www.paintingkits.net/ at a discounted price with a few pointers on how to begin

How to Cut Costs on Apartment Living

We have collected some of the best tips after browsing several of the best property websites in Singapore. Below are a few money-saving tips on apartment living:

  1. Your phone. Buy your own phone – don’t rent one. Also, reduce the expense of using the phone by getting a good long-distance plan and by avoiding such services as call waiting. Unless you’re in a place with several other people and your friends haven’t been able to get through in weeks, you don’t need it. It costs. Cut it out.

  1. Your MTV. Cable is expensive – and rarely worthwhile. Anything you can see on cable you can see on regular TV – or rent from your local video store. Sure, there’s some exception. But if you are an avid fan, you can go down to the local bar and pay the four dollars for fight night.
  1. Your video rentals. Renting videos is a great way to save the expense of going out to the movies, but it can also become an expensive addiction. If you are planning on renting a lot of vides (or if your mates are), chances are the video store offers discount coupons or other specials. Ask about them.
  1. Your food. If you really work at it, you may be able to cut the cost of your food bill by as much as 40 percent by purchasing your comestibles through a co-op that buys in bulk. Chances are you can realistically expect to reduce your grocery bill by 15 to 20 percent – so it’s still worth considering.
  1. Your electricity. Shut off the lights, close windows at night (if you’re paying for the heat or air-conditioning). You will save money and sleep tight.
  1. Your subscriptions. There’s no need to subscribe to Time and Newsweek, any more than there is to subscribe to Rolling Stone and Spin. Cut your cost by (a) being sure that you will read what you subscribe to and (b) being selective about what you subscribe to. Also, rather than fill out a card from the inside of the magazine, look on the inside page that lists the editors and publisher (typically after the contents page). There you will find a toll-free number for potential subscribers. Call and ask them about discount subscription rates. Then compare what they tell you with the advertised discount on the card. There’s often a difference. Select the one that’s in your favor.

The same holds true for newspapers. You will always save money by not buying them at the newsstand, but you may be able to negotiate a better deal for yourself by calling the paper’s subscription office and asking for a deal.

  1. Install energy-efficient light bulbs and shower heads. If you have to pay for electricity and water, you will save money. Even if you don’t, you will help save the environment.
  1. Share your costs. You can cut your costs by sharing them with your mates. Agreement is essential – and also a great way to participate in cooperative learning.

Quick and Easy DIY Shower and Tub Tips

You happen to walk into your bathroom and you see a few things that you need to do to improve your shower and your tub. You don’t need to call in a professional to do it, you can do it yourself. These are some easy and quick tips you can use to help you do just that.

Chips and nicks in your bathtub

If you happen to notice some chipping and nicks in your bathtub don’t worry, these are relatively easy to fix. To repair this problem, you must first clean the area with some rubbing alcohol. Then you will cover the damaged area with some thin coats of epoxy touch up paint. You will have your bathtub looking good as new in no time.

Prevent cracking

You will need to fill your bathtub with water when you go to apply new caulking around the tub and wall joint. This will prevent cracking later because the weight of the water will open the gap between the tub and the wall as wide as possible, so later it won’t crack.

Trickling showerhead

The best way to rejuvenate a clogged shower head is to remove the shower head first. Then you will disassemble the parts, and then soak them in warm vinegar. After it soaks for at least fifteen minutes, you may remove any excess debris from the holes with a thin rigid wire. Then you can rinse off all the parts, then reassemble the shower head and put it back in place. Your shower head will be good as new, no need to buy a new one.

Shower head is the perfect way to protect your head from water as the flow is too hard to bear at times, following which you can sit down to Download The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross PC (Updated) and pass your time with all the interesting levels of cheat codes.

A perfect shower every time

How many times have you stepped into your shower and fiddled with the temperature to get just right. You won’t have to do that anymore with this little trick. If you have a single lever faucet in your shower, place a self sticking color dot or a piece of waterproof tape on the tile to help mark your ideal water temperature. So next time you step in to shower, you know exactly where to turn the lever. No more wasting time fiddling with the water.

Easy does it cleaning

You can clean your dirty fiberglass bathtubs and showers with a gentle scratch resistant cleanser, or you could use a commercial bathroom cleanser that contains ethylene diamine tetraacetate. The EDTA is gentle enough so it won’t scratch or damage the fiberglass.

Stain removers

You can easily get rust stains out of porcelain with a paste of cream of tartar and some hydrogen peroxide. Both of these are available in the spice department in your local grocery store, and they are also found in some baking powders. You will want to scrub the paste on gently with a soft brush, such as an old toothbrush. Then allow the paste to dry, and then rinse. You may repeat this if necessary.


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