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7 Best Translation Apps for iPhone

Translations apps and gadgets such as https://seehearnow.org/muama-enence-translator-review/ are of great utility to travelers. These apps and gadgets add more comfort and quality to your communication in some foreign language. There are a lot of apps that are available for download from the App store. Although, you might not find all these apps user-friendly or that efficient as you use them. Which is in this article, we will go through some of the most efficient and productive apps that you should download for all your translation needs.

Here is the list of top 10 apps that you can download on your iPhone or iPad.


This is a versatile app that you can download on your iOS device for translation needs.You get translation support for more than 90 languages with this app. Users can use this app to translate text via voice command or text to text method. You can even select the voice preference for the audio response that you get from the app. This is an app designed specifically for faster translation between 2 or more dialects. You also get an in-built dictionary in this app that you can use to understand the meaning of difficult and complex words that you come across as you translate something. You can download this for free as well.

2.Microsoft Translator

The name says it all. You get an app from the tech giant Microsoft. This is a well-balanced and developed app that can use for all your business needs. You can download this app for free and maintain your translation tasks in a hassle free way. You get a reliable translator as you download this app. You get the option to use this app in offline mode as well which makes it more handy and efficient. This app can also be used for simultaneous translation of texts and audio almost instantly.Besides all this, you also get the option to improve your language skills as well. You get to learn the pronunciation and native dialect of different words. You also get an in-built phrasebook that you can use to save the words or phrases that you use frequently.Lastly, you can add safari or chrome extension of this app as well in order to make your online browsing experience more seamless.

3.Google Translator

This is one of the earliest and most common apps that is available for all platforms.Launched in 2006 Google translator is an app that you can use for faster and flawless translations. With this app, you have the option of translating 103 languages and out of these 103 languages, you can download 53 of them in offline mode. This way you can even translate them in offline mode. With the help of the camera, you can even click photos and translate those photos into 30 of the available languages.

4.Speak and Translate
This is one of the most user-friendly apps that you can find on the app store. With the help of Apple’s speech recognition, you can just have to dictate or type the word or sentence that you need to translate. You can choose male or female audio feedback aswell. You get translation services for 117 languages with voice translation service to 54 of them. Users can download this app for free and pay 19.99$ for the premium version of the app.
5.SayHi Translate
This is an app that you can use for translation and learning any of the supported languages. You get localized prompts and suggestions as you use this app so that you can make your conversation or text more natural and authentic. In addition to all these services, you can adjust the speed of the translated text. With the help of an in-built share button, you can even share your translated text with popular social media platforms.
6.Voice translator
This is a free app that you can download from the app store. With its seamless voice recognition technology, you get instant voice translations. Like all other apps, you get both voice command and text to text translations that you can share with your email or SMS service. This app supports more than 30 languages and you can even upgrade to the pro version of this app as well in order to get more features and translation options.
7.Reverso Translate
An extremely easy to use app that you can use for your translation needs. You just have to type or dictate the word that you need to translate and the app will show you a few examples and meaning of the word in both source and target language. This is a completely free app that you can upgrade to view more examples and word suggestions.
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