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6 Companies That Hire Felons

Gone were the days when people had to worry day and night about their criminal record because they can’t get a job. What can I say? Times really do change. As a matter of fact, we listed some companies that are willing to accept you as an employee even if you had a record as a felon. 

The Military

Basically, if you choose this option, you’d be working for the government and not for a particular company. I know it might seem farfetched to serve the military if you have ever been a felon but it is most certainly possible these days. 

There are lots of issues with regards to military recruitment. With that, they are willing to provide felon waivers to people who are determined to become part of the military. 

The military isn’t just about becoming a soldier either. There is a place for you regardless of the kind of profession you are into. 


We all know how prosperous the food industry is these days. It is now wonder that places like McDonald’s can never get enough staff. 

Most of the time, fast food chains would prefer people who have a better reputation when it comes to civil morality but if you show them that you are willing to work the ropes, we can tell you that nothing is impossible.

You might even be able to work your way up starting from entry level. You never really know. You can choose between the corporate itself or the franchised branches of this food chain. 

CVS Health

This company is pretty well-known, more specifically in the US. The great thing about this company is that it is considered to be so big that applicants that don’t really need to disclose whatever ties they have to felony until later on in the recruitment process wherein they are practically hired already. 

I know what you’re thinking. You are probably asking if the company would still be willing to take you in after finding out about your case? 

Well, it’s actually a case-to-case basis but most of the time, we are pretty sure they are still going to give you the job. Just make sure that your felony does not have anything to do with drugs. 


If you are a coffee lover like me then it is going to feel like an honor working for this place. This is like the king of all coffee houses. 

Who would have thought that a company as huge as this would be willing to take in felons? I bet not even you thought this was possible but here it is.

The thing is Starbucks is part of the Fair Chance Pledge. It really is no wonder that they are willing to do something like this but don’t think that because you are a felon you automatically have a job. Of course, this is still case-to-case basis. 

But there is nothing to worry about. As long as there is nothing wrong with you, you have a pretty good chance of getting hired. 

American Airlines

Okay, this one does not surprise me even just one bit. After all, the aviator section is one of the most felon-friendly groups on earth. 

Just like Starbucks, this one is also pretty vocal in how it supports the Fair Chance Pledge. In the entire recruitment process, they are not going to ask you any questions related to criminal history. This topic will only be talked about the moment the applicant has been given an offer. In that case, you are already free to grab the job right in front of you. 


This is one of the biggest grocery companies around. Needless to say, if you ever get the chance to work here, you are going to be given lots of career advancement opportunities throughout your stay. 

They did not specify whether or not they hire felons but what they did mention is that they follow everything stipulated in the federal laws. 

And according to that law, being a felon should not disqualify anyone from getting a job. With that, it is safe to say that you can apply to this company. 

You can check this site http://jobsthathirefelons.org/does-aldi-hire-felons/ if you want to learn more about how you can get into this company. 

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