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Wristwatch Review: Unlisted by Kenneth Cole Men’s Rubber Strap Analog Watch

The men’s diver-style wristwatch is a classic accessory that belongs in every man’s wardrobe or watch box. It looks rugged, functional, and fashionable. But, few of us ever need a real diver’s watch. We don’t need a watch that is waterproof to 1000 feet underwater. We don’t need helium discharge valves. We don’t need special corrosion resistant alloys. We don’t need watches that are far tougher than our arms and wrists. We just need a watch that looks good and tells time. Paul hewitt phreps provides you the reliable wristwatch as these watches are made up of nylon, this material makes it more flexible. So these watches have a chance that they can last longer.

Fashion watches from brands like the “Unlisted by Kenneth Cole” can work well for most of us. I recently picked up an Unlisted by Kenneth Cole Men’s Rubber Strap Analog Watch at Ross (Model UL1185) for a very low price. The typical retail price of an Unlisted brand watch is $30. The watch has a Japanese quartz movement and a stainless steel case back. Of course, it’s no Rolex. The Unlisted watch is only water resistant to 33 feet. This watch also does not have a calendar function. Warranty service is handled through the Geneva Watch–the probably manufacturer of the watch.

While the price was right, I was initially attracted by the styling of the watch. It has a 50 millimeter diameter round face with luminous hour and minute hands. The twelve o’clock position has the number twelve in arabic numerals (’12’) and the remaining hours are market by white painted dots and batons. The inside of the bezel beneath the crystal is numbered at 5 minute intervals up to 60 to indicate the minutes. The non-rotating black bezel has large white numerals to mark 05, 10, 20, 25, 35, 40, 50, and 55. The quarter hour marks are denoted by a molded in screw face. The 16 millimeter thick case is made of a base metal such as brass and is secured to the wrist via a comfortable 24 millimeter wide rubber strap.

Perhaps the most novel feature of the Model UL 1185 is a crown that is protected by a metal bar. The crown of the watch is flanked by two posts that emerge from the case. A bar is secured to one post and can brought down across the crown to latch securely to the other post. This provides an interesting styling cue and a little protection for the watch crown. It takes a few moments to get used to the presence of the crown protection bar, but otherwise it is simply an interesting design feature.

Overall, I would recommend the Unlisted Model UL1185 Men’s Rubber Strap Analog Watch. The folks at Kenneth Cole have done a good job bringing an attractively styled and affordable watch to the marketplace.

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