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Websites That Offer Free Bitcoins!

Bitcoins are a global phenomenon that are really popular and everyone wants to get their hands in some kind of cryptocurrencies. Everyone is ready to jump into bitcoin trading and mining. So here are a few tips that you should consider before investing your time and money on bitcoins.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was created in 2009. The cryptocurrency offers a lower transaction fee as compared to traditional online payment methods. These cryptocurrencies are maintained on blockchain by several people which makes it a decentralized digital currency. All these transactions are maintained and kept in cloud and these transactions are verified using a huge amount of computing power.

However, bitcoin has lead to the launch of several other cryptocurrencies known as altcoins as well. Unlike fiat currency, bitcoin is used, traded and stored on the blockchain which is available to the public.

Bitcoin Era is can be seen as a trading platform that uses robot to perform automated bitcoin trades for its users. With as little as 250$ you can start your bitcoin era account where the trading robots analyze the cryptocurrency market and automatically invest your money in profitable trades. You just have to invest some of your money and the trading robots will handle all of your tradings for you, you just have to relax and wait for your profits.

These trading robots are designed with highly complex technology. This is to ensure that these trading robots can handle the complex trading market easily and get you most of your investment.

The websites that offer you free bitcoins are known as bitcoin faucets. This concept was originally operated and designed by Gavin Anderson, who was the Bitcoin foundation’s chief scientist.

There are several bitcoin faucets out there on the internet these days but most of them are not reliable and are nothing more than scams. You should always be aware of the website that you are visiting. As you visit any of the websites you should never install any of the plugins or software on your browser. These software or plugins might steal your information as well.

Let’s have a look at several websites that offer you free bitcoins:

  • in

It is one of the most popular websites that offer free bitcoins. You just have to sign up with your email address and you get a certain amount of bitcoins per hour. You can withdraw your bitcoin after it reaches a certain amount.

  • Qoinpro

With Qoinpro you get a certain amount of your desired cryptocurrency on a daily basis. You just have to log in with your email and you are ready to go.

  • CoinURL

On coinURL you get bitcoins as you change the URLs to hoplinks. And every click o your link gets you a certain amount of bitcoin.

  • CoinAD

This is just opposite to what you do on coinURL. You get bitcoins as you watch AD videos.

  • Coinworker

As you go through a survey form or reports you get bitcoins. This is how coinworker works.

  • Bitvisitor

This is another popular website that gets you bitcoins. As you browse through different websites you get a certain amount of bitcoins. You just have to enter your bitcoin address and you get paid as you visit different websites.

  • Daily bitcoins

As you visit daily bitcoin’s website you get paid a certain amount of bitcoins daily. You can even earn more bitcoins as you click on ads or refer to someone.

  • in

As you visit their website you get paid in bitcoins. Yo get a certain amount for each minute you spend on their website.

  • Coin slot

You get bitcoin for watching ads through their website.

  • Free digital money

You get paid in bitcoins as you do surveys and reports on their website.

  • Tagpad

Here you get bitcoins for every public maker you create. You get paid every 24 hours.

  • Rugatu Q&A community

As you answer questions on the website you get paid in bitcoins.

  • Cointube

As you go through sponsored videos you get paid in bitcoins.

  • se

You get bitcoins simply by visiting the website.

  • se

You get paid for visiting and browsing several websites that are sponsored.

  • Bitcoin addict

You get bitcoins for visiting the website and you can even earn 0.01 BTC randomly as well.

  • BTC4Free

As you complete advertisement surveys you get paid in bitcoins.

  • iWantfreeBitcoins

To get bitcoins you just to finish different offers and surveys.

  • Bitcrate

As you break a crate on their website you get bitcoins.

  • Bitcoin4you

As you browse different website suggestions you get bitcoins.

These are most of the reliable websites that you can visit to earn free bitcoins. However, there are somethings that you should keep in mind as you visit these websites. All these websites offer you a very little amount of bitcoin that you won’t be able to withdraw for a very long period of time. As they only allow you to withdraw only after your bitcoins reaches a certain threshold. Which is why most of the users lose their interest soon. Some of them even offer you bitcoins for the referrals but that too is very low and is not worth your time and energy.

Moreover, all these websites follow the same techniques to draw attention. You go through a lot of advertisements and surveys to get a small amount of bitcoin which is not worth your time. They try to make you visit their website as much as possible so that their ratings on google improves which is only beneficial to them.

The only way to get money from bitcoins is mining and trading. You won’t be able to get a significant amount of money from these websites. Which is why you should invest your time and money on apps such as the Bitcoin era. You can get the most out of your investment without any risk of fraud. You just have to invest and you’ll reap profits from your investments as the automated process does all the work for you.


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