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Ultimate Guide to Buying a Vacuum

There are several different types of vacuums on the market today. With some of the vacuums, there are specific uses for them. Also, each vacuum has their own bags and belts which are required to be used with them for a better performance.

For example, the belts the vacuums use are different. This article Vacuum Cleaner Belts and Performances. You also have to consider bagless and bagged vacuums. You can read more about in this article Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Versus Bagged Vacuum Cleaners.

Though the popular choice amongst housewives is that they generally prefer a small kleiner staubsauger as its small in size and quite fast in its job.

The following will provide you with more information on the various styles of vacuums available today.

Deep Cleaning Vacuums

Deep cleaning vacuums have the typical rotating brushes which make them agitate the pile of the carpet so the dirt loosens for a better cleaning. There are some deep cleaning vacuums that have an automatic conversion tool button or a switch which allows you to move from carpet to hardwood floors. Usually the switch for the conversion of the floors is in the form of a push tab or flip switch.

Hand Held Vacuums

You will hand held vacuums are light weight, can be mounted on the wall, and can have an electrical cord or not. The hand held vacuums performance for the cordless models solely depend on the charge of the battery. When the charge of the battery drops, the suction and agitation power will drop as well.

There are two types of hand held vacuums. One type is the straight suction, and the other is a power brush suction. When considering the purchase of a hand held vacuum, consider the purpose the vacuum will serve.

Broom Style Vacuums

The broom or stick style vacuums are great for small apartments, a family room or a quick clean up in smaller rooms. The broom vacuums are light weight and can come as a corded or cordless vacuum like the hand held vacuums. This type of vacuum is great for those who have a problem pushing heavier vacuum.

The broom style vacuum has a weight range of two to seven pounds, stores easily in a closet, and has a quicker way to dispose of the dirt and debris. This is due to most of the broom vacuums are bagless, and the dirt and debris goes into a removable cup area.

Wet/Dry Vacuums

Most wet/dry vacuums come in canister style with wheels and other attachments. This combination style vacuum has as many functions as it does attachments. The wet/dry vacuums cam vary in size from a small six gallon size to as large as twenty-two gallon size. The motor for the wet/dry vacuums range from two to ten horse powers.

Upright Vacuums

There upright vacuums are the most popular ones on the market. With the upright vacuums you have a choice of bagged or bagless. With the bagless vacuums you do not have to purchase bags for them. All you need to do is empty the canister.

Many of the upright vacuums come with an assortment of attachments which include an upholstery tool, a crevice tool, an extension tube, and a wand. With most uprights you have an adjustable knob for the type of carpet you have. Now a days many uprights whether they are bagless or not also include a HEPA filter to help keep allergens down.

Canister Vacuums

With many canister vacuums, they come with a retractable cords. In many cases, the electrical cords are approximately 25 feet in length, and in order to retract the cord, all it takes is a tug of the cord or a flip of a switch.

The canister vacuums come with either a regular or a power nozzle. It is recommended the power nozzle is used to get your carpet its cleanest. The power nozzle agitates the carpet in order to loosen the dirt for the deepest cleaning. You can also adjust the air flow with a suction control switch to clean delicate materials like upholstery and drapes.

When you are shopping for your next vacuum, choose one that will best suit your needs.

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