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Top 7 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Flat Roofing Contractor

Flat roofs are getting more popular today than sloping roofs and for all the great reasons. A major cause behind the rising popularity of flat roofs is that these are highly energy-efficient. Are you too planning to install flat roof in your home? Or is it that your flat roof is in immediate need of repair lately? Well, whatever be the reason here, the most important task to do now is to find a reliable flat roofing contractor. There are different flat roofing companies around but then not all can be trusted. You need to check several pointers here before you actually sign up with a roofing company. The post below offers a brief on the major questions you must ask your roofer before hiring.

Could you show me your license?

A valid license is one of the first things you must check out before hiring your roofer. License is the concrete evidence of an ethical, legit and compliant business. A licensed company has had to pass the needed tests to ensure its services are at par with industry standards. If your chosen roofer hesitates to show you his  business license, consider a red flag.

For how long have you been in the business?

Roofing is a complex job and it takes years to master it. Thus, look for a company which has been in the business for minimum more than 6 years. If it’s new company, check out the experience of the contractor and other staff who will work on your project. In case, it’s a new company but backed by experienced staff, you can trust the firm.

Could you show me before and after pictures?

Ask the company whether it’s flexible to show you before and after pictures of the previous flat roof projects. These pictures will help you to get a comparative study on the actual quality of their work.

Would you come for a thorough inspection?

Yes, you can always send pictures of the condition of your roof. But to ensure a proper job, your roofer needs a thorough first-hand inspection of your roof and surrounding areas. The best Trim & Soffits Installer and Repair North VA MD DC companies always stress on a comprehensive inspection before deciding on the pricing structure. If your roofer or soffits installer seems reluctant of a first-hand inspection, look for other options.

Would you offer me the entire breakup of the quote?

This is again a very crucial question that you should ask your roofer before you sign up with him. You certainly don’t want to find hidden charges on your bill during the final payment. A reliable company will usually be transparent about the pricing structure and offer a complete breakup upfront. It will help you to get a fair idea on the amount of investment you would have to make in your roofing project. Most importantly, it will enable you to get an informed decision on whether or not you would like to proceed with this roofer.

Do you carry insurance?

Don’t forget to ask this question. The insurance of the roofer is certainly not directly related to your project. But, what if an employee hurts himself while working on your roof? Or what if the roofing company unintentionally damages a part of your  premise? This is where the insurance factor will come to play. If your chosen roofer does not carry insurance, it’s you who would have to pay the price in times of accidents. Thus, it’s always better to look for a roofer backed by adequate insurance. An insured roofer will take up the entire liability of all damages caused by them.

Do you offer financing?

Roofing is a sizeable investment and more so when you need a large-scale repair or thorough replacement. You might not have the entire bankroll upfront. But what if the roof work is really urgent? Well, in that case, look for a reliable roofer who is ready to offer financing to clients at reasonable rates.

Wrapping up

Don’t just focus on one single roofer. Take some time out to shortlist multiple roofers and ask these questions to all them. It will help you to get a thorough comparative study and land up with the most competitive quote.

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