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Social Media

To Poke Or Not To Poke: A Guide To Social Media

In today’s society you are more likely to get poked by a person online rather than in person, invited to an event on Facebook rather than by snail mail, and get a tweet mention rather than a phone call.

If you are a bit confused about social media and are stuck in the dark ages of AOL AIM and dial-up Internet, we have the right social media guide for you. So take a break from the real world and immerse yourself in the online one with these fun social networking sites.


Facebook was made so that college kids could easily connect with old friends and learn more about new ones. Times have changed. Now everyone is on Facebook from those who are far too young to drive and those who are far too old to drive. Facebook has become a place to manage your event calendar, play games, chat in real time, and tell the world who you are and how you are feeling through your profile and the more can be found  at Socialized.me/, regarding your concerns.


Twitter allows you to follow your favorite national publications, television channels, musical artists, and next-door neighbors. Twitter can be a very useful resource about topics that interest you since many brands use the site so as to display product information, event details, and breaking news updates. In addition to following others on Twitter, you can state your mind in 140 words or less to the Twitter world. In these 140 words, you can tweet at friends, at celebrities in hopes that they will respond (which they sometimes do), and display a link to a video or article that you think others would enjoy. Twitter has a trending topic feature that allows you to see what hot topics people are talking about.


Tumblr is a blogging network that allows each user the creativity to make their page whatever they want it to be. For some, Tumblr is a place where they share pictures and reblog the ones that they like. For others, Tumblr is a place to display their writing, music, or even personal works of art.


YouTube is a site where you can share videos to the world about anything and everything. On YouTube you will find music, television clips, home videos and tutorials by chiefs, makeup artists, computer geeks and more.


Foursquare connects the real world with the cyber world by allowing people to “check in” at the places where they are located to in real life on their mobile devices. Certain venues give out discounts to people who check in there on Foursquare. For instance at your first trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar, Foursquare will award you with discounts to use at the store. Foursquare also has a badge system. The more you attend certain places or give people tips about venues, the more badges you can earn for your foursquare page. Badges are a fun way to show your foursquare friends your favorite types of places to go to.


Klout is a website that tracks all of your social network usage in one place and tells you how much of a social influencer you are by scoring your social media use. Once Klout deems you an influencer on certain topics, the site will offer you free perks. Website and companies give perks to Klout users in hopes that the social media savvy will promote their business to their many Internet followers. For instance if you are a big sports blogger you may be offered a Klout perk that allows you receive monetary credit at a new website that sells sports tickets. What could be better than getting paid for playing on social media sites all day?

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