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The Power Of Social Media Marketing Grows Stronger Everyday

I am a graduate student at Michigan State University. The program has implemented a class called New Media Drivers’ License, teaching students about the impact that social media can have in the marketing and public relations fields and how this impact can benefit our future clients.

Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago will understand the power of the social media marketing. The adaptation of the correct measures is possible to have effective results. The students will get the information about the services to get more profits and sales of the business.

The line that is the most recurring and the one I believe is the concept that must be accepted before participating in social media marketing is this, “the conversation will happen, with or with you.”

This is the truth. The harsh truth, some might say. For businesses, it is so important to understand this truth. They can chose to become an active participant in social media marketing or they can take the traditional route but the fact remains that their customers are out there creating and participating in conversations that directly impact the reputation of their brand both positively and negatively. For businesses, I believe that social media marketing requires baby steps that begin with education. It is still so difficult for traditional businesses to understand interactive marketing. They know that they have a website, but the deeper understanding of how that living document works and the extensive platform it provides for communication with their customers is still somewhat foggy.

Social media is also still vastly misunderstood. Social media marketing, I have learned is not just about joining Facebook and Twitter and posting some status updates to say that your company is joining this particular club because the young kids say so or writing a blog simply to have a presence online. It is not about using these platforms to post an event or promote a sale. It is about meaningful content. This meaningful content will help in developing trust and maintaining a conversation between a brand and its customers in an effort to build a relationship that translates into a positive reputation within the market. Reputation is what it is all about because no matter what a brand’s Facebook page says, if that company isn’t good to its customers, people will find out and the message will be seen by no one and worse than that, no one will talk about it.

The Social media elements like Facebook and Twitter pages and blogs should be considered marketing tactics, they should not become the overall goals and objectives of a brand. They should be treated as individual tasks that support a social media strategy within a marketing plan. It requires more than a Facebook fan page to turn strangers into fans and then turning fans into customers.

Social media is a hard sell. Again, because many businesses are not convinced that it is not just a trend that will die out. Many may not admit this, but it is still taking some convincing to get a business to invest in digital. They need to see the take away and ROI. It is still about the bottom line more it is about the story of flowery benefits that reputation building will bring. Even though the rend goal is the same. Explaining the correlation is tricky. This is where SEO comes in. Although, I am learning that SEO is not defined the same way it was five years ago. And why would it, really? Nothing digital is anymore. It grows too fast.

SEO analytics can determine how much traffic a website is getting from month to month. It can help explain the areas of a site that are getting more attention than others and lead decisions on where to continue investing budget.

I read recently that the most beneficial concept for a client to understand about SEO is that they want the most relevant traffic results, not just the highest number of traffic. Clients want visitors to utilize their site because they are specifically looking for that brand’s products, not because they were accidentally sent to their site by mistake. Just like most worthwhile things, it is about quality, not necessarily quantity. This will help them not just get a purchase here or there, but to build a loyal customer base.

This path has been a slow one for many to subscribe to and I understand the reasons, but the fact remains: the conversation will continue with or without brand participation. The trust of the customers is in the bloggersphere and other social media venues and that is where a brand should be if they want a piece of that trust pie.

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