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Reviewing Nad’s Hair Removal Gel – a Guide to Finding Out If It’s Right for You

Australia’s #1 Selling hair removal product is also a popular American hair removal system. Although it has been given mixed reviews along the way, here is a guide to knowing whether Nad’s Hair Removal Gel will work for you.

All Natural

For those with normal allergies to depilatories or bleaches, Nad’s offers a 100 % natural gel that is made from organic ingredients such as honey, vinegar, and lemon juice. It is so safe you can actually eat it (though this is not recommended as it’s purpose is for external use only). However, those of you that are using Glycolic Acid or other dermatological treatments should not use it. If your skin is prone to rashes or is easily irritated by waxing, this is not the product to use. Otherwise it is safe and healthy for external use for both men and women. So there is no need to visit a specific skin center medical spa health and beauty centre for a hair removal session while you use this domestic treatment.

How does it work?

The Nad’s system in its basic form is a gooey gel that is applied with a plastic spatula to the skin directly or on a cloth strip and then adhered to the skin. It does not need to be prepared in any way unless it has crystallized and should be brought back to its original consistency by heating for only a few seconds in a microwave. The gel acts like a hot wax by gripping the hair and being pulled out at the roots when the cloth strip is removed.

Those of you that have never waxed your legs or other parts of your body should consider how to use it before purchasing. If you have a low pain tolerance than ripping hundreds of leg hairs out by the root is probably not your cup of tea. For those that have used waxing strips of other brands, this is the idea hair removal system because it requires no preparation to do it (unlike heating up hot, messy waxes). The organic nature of the gel allows it to be washed off easily with warm water.


Most hot waxing strips can cost about twice the amount of Nad’s. If you buy the basic Nad’s kit it does not include the soap and lotion, which is actually not necessary since you already have soaps and lotions that will do the same job for a lower cost. This basic kit is only about $15 at drugstores or even Wal-mart. Each 6 ounce jar contains many applications because the cloth strips can be reused once they are laundered. This makes Nad’s a real value for those that wax on a regular basis.

Who should use it?

Keep in mind that this type of hair removal is not painless. It can also become a skin hazard if you aren’t used to waxing types of hair removal. Ingrown hairs are hairs that, when growing back from being pulled out at their roots, will double back under the skin without surfacing. In extreme cases this may cause puss-filled lumps in the infected hair root that need to be taken care of medically. If you don’t know whether or not you have a problem with ingrown hairs, start with just a small section of your legs to see if you get a reaction. If after a few days you don’t see any problems than you can safely use it. If you know you have problems with ingrown hairs already, than you need to take preventive measures. After each hair removal session and in the subsequent days make sure you shower in warm water with a loofah mitt. These mitts can be found just about anywhere for only a few dollars. The rough texture on their surface will exfoliate the dry skin on your body so that ingrown hairs are less likely to evolve.

Your best bet is to consider whether you are okay with a little waxing pain. If you are than Nad’s Hair removal gel is the perfect product at the perfect price because it really works like it says it will. On the other hand, if you have skin disorders or are prone to ingrown hairs, this is probably not the product to use; so spare yourself some grief.

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