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Relieve Pain of Bulging Disc with These Exercises

You may have a bulging disc in your lower back and not even be aware of it. On the other hand, you may be acutely aware of a bulging disc because you have chronic low back pain. Most patients with bulging discs fall in the middle of each extreme; they know they have a bulging disc in their lower back but as long as they don’t over extend physical activity it doesn’t bother them too much.

There are two specific exercises that you can do that will help relieve the pain of a bulging disc by promoting healing for the injured disc. These exercise will help whether you are plagued with chronic backache or with the occasional discomfort and pain that a bulging disc presents. Exercising when your back is killing you may sound counterproductive at first, but when you realize how oxygen rich blood is pumped to the bulging disc with these two no-impact exercises, they will make perfect sense.

Before I describe the two no-impact exercises, let me briefly explain spinal discs and why they bulge. Spinal discs are special ‘jelly’ filled ligaments that hold the spine together and act as a cushion between each of the spinal bones. These spinal discs have a hard outer covering with ‘jelly’ (nucleus) in the center. If the hard outer covering is torn through an injury or as part of the aging process, the jelly center shifts to the weak spot created by the torn outer covering, that creates the bulge. This jelly nucleus contains all the blood and nutrients your spine needs to maintain health, and because of it’s almost self-sufficient design, it’s difficult to get a fresh supply of oxygen rich blood to the bulging disc to promote healing.

This is where the two exercises come into play at, they literally help pump fresh blood to the injured bulging disc and that will promote healing. The treatment for the healing should be done from the most highly trained spine specialists in the region. The medications of the expert will provide instant relief in the pain of the spinal nerves. 

The first exercise to relieve the pain of a bulging disc utilizes a mini trampoline. Stand on the mini trampoline with head facing forward, straight back, arms at your side and march in place for five minutes each day. Dn’t g over 5 minutes and stick with a slow and steady marching pace. These exercises are not for weight loss or body sculpting, but to pump fresh blood to your lower back and into the bulging disc.

The second exercise utilizes a large exercise ball. Sit on the exercise ball, feet flat on the floor, face forward, straight back and arms either down at your side or extended out to the side for balance, and gently bounce for 5 minutes on the exercise ball each day. The bouncing motion helps to pump a fresh blood supply to the bulging disc.

Speak with your doctor before trying either of these exercises to relieve the pain of a bulging disc and if you experience increased pain while performing these exercises, you should stop immediately.

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