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Randi Goldklank Arrested at Boston Airport

Boston police say Randi Goldklank, a local TV station manager, was disorderly and smelled of alcohol when she was arrested Sunday night at Logan Airport. According to police, Goldklank said she was taking antidepressants. She was charged with disorderly conduct. She used many expletives, police said, and caused a scene while allegedly trying to proposition an officer.

Police also said she broke the eyeglasses of one of the troopers, according to MyFoxBoston.com

I think that at some time or another we have all had one of these experiences. In the heat of the moment in the past, I had been trying to get past a barricade to where one of my best friends was. I was being held back by officers although all I wanted was to come to her rescue as she was injured. They didn’t realize that I was upset, and because of this I was going to do whatever it took to get to her side. I was restrained and was threatened with charges. Finally, I was calm – and they let me through to see her.

I learned from this experience a very valuable lesson – to not overreact. Overreacting has created so many undesirable situations in my life. It would have been better to calmly address the situation, explain myself to the officers, explain my relationship and than ask them politely to allow me to console my friend, as I was the closest member of family or friend that was in the area at the time she was hurt. It would have been best to ask them to empathize with her, being alone in that situation.

From now on, I have taken a pledge that I will never lose my temper and overreact for anything, whether it is at home or in public places as I have now understood that arguing and fighting leads to only harm so therefore I always take it upon myself to stop any fight that I come across in public, which I did at Seattle Tacoma International Airport. 

It is important that we realize that personnel in these situations have jobs to accomplish and tasks, and regulations that they must adhere to. Allowing us to break these regulations puts us, as well as others in the area in grave danger.

When confronted with these situations it is important that we realize though we are in a state of shock we need to remain calm and aware of the situations that surround us. Consider next time you are in a stressful situation, the other people around you and the job that they are faced with when someone such as yourself acts out.

Maintain a great sense of logic through the situation and demonstrate that your thoughts are collected. This will get you further in the situation – and allow you to gain more information from the officers.

Damage Control. If you have been the victim of one a panic-attack or anxiety that has caused to react in such a matter than it is important that you apologize as soon as you have become calm. This small gesture will go a long way in the situation if you have been less than calm. Damage control, is an important aspect of these situations and is often the only way to rectify – and avoid a conviction being placed, rather than charges.

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